Sunday, November 28, 2010

Webkinz clothes that a 3 year old can make!

My kids have loved their Webkinz for years and have always asked for those little clothes you can buy for them. I love to sew but not enough to make itty bitty outfits for these little stuffed animals.  So last year I set out to find a way to make clothes without paying a fortune and without having to sew them and this is what I found.  It is so simple and costs nothing!

You can use almost any type of sock for this project. I used a fuzzy sock because I wanted to make a sweater for the dog but you can use thin socks and you can also use ankle socks for a shorter version.  This is a great craft to use up all those stray socks you have laying around your laundry room!
Materials needed:


Measure the length of the stuffed animal and cut off the toe of the sock to the length you want.   The heel of the sock should be close to the neck/chest of the animal.
 For a dress, cut off just the tip of the toe and for a sweater, cut off about 2 inches.
 Fold the heel part of the sock over an cut a small slit (in both sides) for the front legs of the animal.
 Then do the same a couple inches back for the back legs.
 Dress the animal :)  This is the longer (dress type) version.
This is the shorter (sweater type) version.  With the sweater, I use the toe of the sock to make a hat for the animal.

Nothing fancy but my kids love making them and I love getting rid of excess socks!

What do you think?


  1. What an adorable money saving idea! Getting rid of the excess socks is a plus too.

  2. This is really neat and I love that kids can make them.

  3. Another fabulous idea! Thanks!

  4. LOVE this! I know my daughters will too. I think i will buy them some cute socks for Christmas and wrap them along with your tutorial. Thanks. I just became a follower.

  5. That's a cute idea, easy to do. It would be a great project for a slumber party.

  6. OMYGOSH!! This is SOOO cute! Forget webkinz, I think I will try it on my Teacup Chi (yes, they do yap all of the time:D))). Thanks for the great idea. Merry Christmas!

  7. Ok, that's adorable!!!! I love this idea!!!

  8. Love this! Think I will use lost socks and make some for my daughters Min-Po. Pax weighs 1 lb. socking wet.

  9. You can also use the sleeves of sweaters for this kind of thing for bigger animals or real dogs too.

  10. Very original idea. From simple improvised means, you made such cute clothes for a toy. Surely your children are delighted. Thank you for such an interesting blog.



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