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 Updated: February 20, 2012
If you are like me, you are always looking for reasonable (aka cheap) but creative, unique and most importantly DIY gift ideas for family, friends, and teachers. So I thought I would create a dedication page with the gift I have created since I started this blog.

I am going to organize this page by how much it will cost you to make the craft if you have no supplies on hand. I make most of these items for far less (as will you) since I have many of the materials in my craft supply.

As I make new gifts, I will add them to this page and update the date at the top. This way you won't have to scroll through every time to see if there is something new.


$5 and Under

 Baby Announcement Art  ($1 to print, $1 frame=$2)

 Uno First Birthday Shirt ($3 for t-shirt, $1 fabric paint=$4)

Teacher's Gift- Free Printables  ($1 print, $1 frame=$2)There are four different quotes you can print for teachers.

Permanent Marker Designs on Mug and Plate ($1 mug or plate, $4 markers=$5


Love is Patient - Our Wedding Reading Framed ($1 scrapbook paper, $1 frame=$2)

Handmade 3D Butterfly Art  ($1 scrapbook paper, $1 frame=$2)

Personalized Monograms on Marble ($1.50 Marble 6x6 tile, $1.50 vinyl, $1 plate stand =$4)

 Marathon Runner's Bib Coasters ($1.50 marble tiles (4 - 4x4), $0.50 photocopy, $3 other supplies=$5 )

 Scrabble tile ornament ($3 Scrabble game, $1 glue=$4 to make many)

MoMoMo Ornament - Mustache/Movember ornament ($0.25 ornament, $1 contact paper =$1.25)

Home made note pads for Teacher's gift  ($0 to design, $2 for paper, $2 for glue=$4 to make a lot of them)

Monogrammed Candle ($3 candle, $1 contact paper=$4)

 Personalized Children's Canvas Name Wall Art ($1 canvas, $3 markers=$4)

Burlap Meaning of Name Sign ($1 frame, $1 other materials=$2)

Super Hero Name Door Hanger ($0.50 for canvas, paper and ribbon on hand=$0.50)

 Burlap Stockings out of Free Coffee Sack ($1 for burlap, $1 for paint=$2)

Five fingers snowman ornament ($0.25 for ornament, $1 for paint,  $1 for marker=$2.25)

Golfer's Snowman Ornament ($1 golf ball, $2 markers, $0.25 hook =$3.25)


How to make your own Vintage Book Print ($0 to design, $0 to print, $1 for the frame=$1)

 Fork Stand on my $0 Budget ($1 fork =$1)

Custom baby onesies($3 for bodysuit, $2 for paint=$5)

 $6 - $10

Teacher's Gift - Wordle with students thoughts ($5 frame, $1 photo printer paper=$6)

 Matching T-shirts for kids - Version 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 ($5 t-shirt, $3 fabric paint=$8)

 Christmas Ornament Tree ($5 ornaments, $3 cone, $1 tinsel garland=$9)

Pine cone basket with lights  ($5 for basket, $2 for lights, $2 for hot glue and berries, pine cones free..go walk in the woods :) =$9)

Custom desk/office supplies ($3 for office supplies, $3 for fabric, $3 for modge podge=$9)

Ribbon Baby Blanket ($6 for material, $3 for ribbon=$9)

Funny face dolls ($6 for material, $3 for stuffing=$9)

Special Date Art ($1 scrapbook paper, $2 vinyl, $7 frame=$9)

 Freezer paper stencil t-shirts ($5 for T-shirt, $3 for paint=$8)

$10 - $20

Monogrammed Wine Glasses ($10 for wine glasses, $8 for etching cream, $1 contact paper=$19)

How to make your own Vintage Book Print ($0 to design, $0 to print, $13 for the frame=$15)

Personalized Birth Announcement Art ($0 to design, $2 to print, $13 for the frame=$15)

Beautiful Personalized Ballerina Blanket ($5 for blanket, $10 for other fabric and ribbon, $4 sewing supplies=$19

Personalized Fleece Blankets ($5 for blanket, $10 for other fabric and ribbon, $4 sewing supplies=$19

Grandparent Gift - Kids feet and hands Christmas Rug ($15 for mat, $1 for paint=$16)


FANtastic Beer Steins on my $0 budget ($10 for beer steins, $8 for etching cream, $1 contact paper=$19)

 Slim book shelves for beside children's beds ($10 for wood, $3 for paint=$12)

$20 - $30

Name and Est. Date Wall Art ($0 to design, $3 to print, $20 for frame=$23 ..this could be far less if you purchased a thrift store frame)

'Special place in my heart' Art ($1 for used maps, $19 for frame, $1 for scrapbook paper=$21)

Over $30
Proves how cheap I am...nothing over $30! :)

I will try to keep this up to date. If you know of something else I created that you think would be a good gift, post a comment on another page and I will add it.

Thanks and Happy Gifting.


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  6. Wine glasses (which I find are better than more expensive ones) at the Dollar Tree + Paint = Great Gift! Decorate for Christmas, Birthdays, etc! Also- hitting up GoodWill is a great choice for interesting finds!

  7. Você é muito criativa, parabéns!
    Silvana, Brasil.

  8. How did you make the teacher gift with the words going various ways on a sheet of paper? I believe thee is a site online where you can make those, but I don't know what it is called.

    Since I lost my job this year, we are making gifts for each other instead of spending a lot of money, and you have given me some ideas that I can make, even though I'm not the craftiest person in the world. Thank you so much!


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  20. I could not find the instructions for the "Christmas gift to make with kids" with the snowman from a handprint. Looked like it had raffia at the top and a candle in a jar? LED light? Hanging outside a door. Thanks.

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  26. Could you please tell me where you can get a scrabble game for $3.00? A new one is $17.00 and I can't find them at resale shops at all and I have been able to get individual tiles but they are 45 cents a piece.........HELP!!!

    1. Hi, I bought the scrabble games at a thrift store. It is hit or miss whether they have them, so I always buy them when they do. Good luck!

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