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Once a year my family and I spend a full month not spending any money on non-essentials...and by essentials I mean only fresh fruits and veggies, dairy product, etc. For 31 days I cannot step foot in a Dollar store, home decor store and craft store! I do not spent a dime on crafts, clothing and home decorating. At first when my husband and I challenged each other, I was terrified. What would I do? How could I post anything on my blog?  Well it is shocking how easy it was/is to do this! Here is a full summary of how it went last year.

I thought you might find it useful to have a summary page of all the items I create on my $0 budget.
January/February 2012 - 1 Month, $0 Budget Challenge projects

Special Date Art

 DIY Large Burlap Star on my $0 Budget

March 2011 - 1 Month, $0 Budget Challenge projects
Trash to Fab- Roadside Headboard Redo

The stair basket out of an old cardboard box.
Custom cutlery drawer divider using hard board.
 Wood Dice out of a 4x4
Conversation Cards
 Toilet Paper Roll Art
Dry Erase Freezer Inventory List
 Magnetic Board with Old Picture Frame and Roofing Flashing
Recovering Old Photo Albums
Teacup topiary

My flat screen TV frame is not technically included in my $0 spending month because I had purchased the materials a couple of months in advance anticipating making it...so I don't think it fits but I will show it to you in case you missed it.


  1. I found you through Pinterest. You are so talented. Please keep posting these great ideas!

  2. what a great inspiration for me! i also found you through Pinterest and added a couple of pins of my own :-).

  3. i too am on pinterest. It would be a delight to open the credit card bill and see $0.00 :)

  4. I'm with Anonymous #3. Ir would be great to have a 0.00 credit card bill. Good projects.

  5. wow i am only 12 and i dont have to raise a family but i would love to help my mom save some money and try some of these fun and cheap ideas!!

    1. Such a lovely young lady! Good idea!

  6. what a great idea to do a $0 budget month! I think it would be fun just to challenge myself!

  7. Wow! You are very talented! I love the flat screen frame! Thanks for the idea! I'll be following your blog and I'm putting the idea on Pinterest for my friends. Cheers!

  8. I just found you through a friend on Pinterest! Great, great, GREAT ideas!

  9. Some neat ideas. But obviously you must have a lot of supplies already on hand to do these at $0.00. I would have to buy the paints and papers and frames.

  10. sadly, I would not be able to make most of these for free :( my craft supply is very limited

    1. Look at the clearance all year. Also Hobby Lobby has great coupons. And no security breach:)

  11. Amazing!! Thank you so much for your posts. Found through Pinterest!



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