Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laptop Vinyl Decals on my $0 budget

I know this isn't a problem in most peoples eyes, but it is for me. Don't judge until you read the entire reason :). Here is the problem I face..my husband and I all have the same laptops. I know...it is not horrible but it is a cause of stress for me. When I am rushing out of the house to catch a train for 6:45am, I am always afraid that I will end up at work (after an hour and a bit commute) with a computer that is not mine. Granted, I only go into the office a couple of days a week, I am still always worried.
 (I know I need to tackle the cables under our desktop computer...that is a challenge for me)

So with my desire to get a Silhouettte growing and my jealousy of all you bloggers out there who have won one turning me green (just kidding, I am happy for each and every one of you), I decided to make (with my borrowed Cricut and some scrap vinyl) my own vinyl decals to clearly distinguish my laptop.

I only have two pieces of vinyl, so my color choice was made for me.  Black vinyl would not show on my black laptop, so the decals had to be white.  Side note: I can't believe the top of my laptop has greasy fingerprints on it...yuck.
After debating what to put on my laptop, I decided against flowers, a couple bugs and went with some swirly images in two different sizes.  I don't have the transfer paper that is recommended (and I can't buy it) so I thought I would have some trouble transferring the cut vinyl, but it worked out fine. I started with one corner and allowed the vinyl to dictate where it was going to go.
I like the fact the vinyl will come off if I ever need it to, that it dresses up my computer without making it too unprofessional and I especially love the fact I can grab my laptop in the dark without any worry I will have my husband's when I get into the office.

What do you think?

Remember April 1st is the $0 Budget Craft link party here. Please stop by and share your ideas and see what others are doing to save money.


  1. This is a great idea Stephanie and I can well understand your distress that one day you might end up without YOUR laptop at work.
    I live in Australia and you guys in the U.S. have access to so many more materials, gadgets, craft machines etc. Oh we can get them here, but at a price. So I'm with you on the envy side of things, though of course I'm really happy for anyone who has any of those magical craft bits and pieces out there.
    I would like to know how you are enjoying the process of $0 spending? What you've learnt craftwise and about yourself? Maybe you could write a post at the end of the month with a list of things you've used that you hadn't considered before when you were spending money.
    I find lists invaluable. We could then print out your ideas and file them away in our own craft files for future reference, of course under the big heading "Stephanie's $0 Decorating Budget Ideas" :)
    Have a an absolutely wonderful day,
    Anne xx

  2. I have just noticed that vinyl is so in nowadays. That's a pretty decal you've made.

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  3. Great idea, my hubs and I have the same one too!

  4. I totally LOVE it!!! Very pretty!

  5. cute! i just did one of these this week too!! http://mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com/2011/03/laptop-cover-vinyl-tutorial_19.html

  6. i just spent some time on your blog, love all your great ideas, and low the low budget! for sure i'll be around for the party, i just made some flowerpots out of carton and fabric, my own 0$ project!http://sweetasmel.blogspot.com/2011/03/pap-pote-floresdiy-flower-pot.html

  7. What a great idea. I'm all over it.

    Love your blog, I'll be keeping a close eye on it for new ideas.


  8. Great idea and now I have a Circut to do this same thing. Thanks for the idea.

  9. That sure looks chic! It adds life and zest to your cover top. The black and white theme sure blend with your laptop well.



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