Sunday, March 6, 2011

Framed magnetic board on my $0 budget

I had this frame laying around for ages and had intended on making a magnetic board for my daughter's room but never got around to it. So I decided that today was the day to do it but I had a few obstacles. Metal for the magnetic boards are expensive (really expensive when I have a $0 budget). We had a piece of metal flashing for a rough valley laying around so we used that and it worked great! I will never buy expensive metal for a project again!!!! Look what I am learning :)

Materials (Obviously I had everything on hand):
Large picture frame
Metal flashing (for the valley of a roof)
Duct tape
Staple/staple gun

I spray painted the frame in color my daughter wants to use as the accent in her room...Key Lime (don't worry...I already had this color of spray paint). I would have preferred black but as my husband so kindly pointed out, almost every frame in my house is black and I should really try something new:) .
 My husband cut the metal flashing to the exact size of the picture that came out of the frame. He hammered out the fold it the metal to make it flat. I then spray painted it quickly in black so the light gray of the metal would not show through the black fabric.
I laid the fabric under the metal flashing and trimmed it so there was approximately 3 inches around the outside to fold over. I then ironed and starched the fabric so it was perfectly flat. This was a left over piece of fabric from a quilt my aunt made my daughter. So it matches her room perfectly.
I folded over one of the longer sides of the fabric and secured it to the metal with duct tape. I then did the opposite side making sure to pull the fabric tight.
 I neatly folded the corner over and secured the shorted end. Be sure to not rip the fabric on the corners...they are sharp. Then do the same on the last side.
 We put the original print back in the frame and my husband secured both into the frame with staples.
Using the original hanging hardware, my husband hung the frame above our daughter's book shelf. I barely had enough time to take a photo before she was putting stuff on it.
Sorry her room is a mess; I wasn't planning on showing it but it is cute how excited she was.
Project #2 with my $0 budget! 

What do you think?


Note: You can secure the fabric with Mod Podge too. This takes far more time and in my opinion costs more. A few pieces of duct tape that no one sees is fine with me :)


  1. An excellent $0 budget makeover. You've got the hang of this now. :) By the way, your daughter's room doesn't look messy to me. It looks lived in and loved. What's next? :)
    Anne xx

  2. Cute! I'm on that same budget!

  3. I'm LOVING this idea! I've been looking for an idea like this for my kitchen - to hold my most used recipe cards, that way I'm not digging all the time. (I found you through Skip to My Lou)

  4. Great project!!! I found some metal square room decorations at the dollar store yesterday for 25 cents and I bought them - not sure what I was going to do with them yet (they are hideous). Now, thanks to you, I know I will make magnetic boards out of all of them for gifts. I bought 12 of them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great job! I think it turned out so cute.

  6. So cute and perfect look for a tween room!

  7. Super great Idea, I think I might make one for my Kitchen!!

  8. I LOVE this!! I would love for you to share it at my Linky Party!



  9. It turned out great! Thank you for the fabulous idea!

  10. Love it! You know its a success when the kid is actually using it! ;) Great idea!

  11. What a cute idea! We've been looking to do something like this!

  12. looks awesome! i bet you're little one loves it!

    marian @

  13. I already called my husband (it is 7am here) and asked him to bring home a piece of sheet metal from work!!! :) Love how you used fabric instead of just painting it.
    P.S. how do you get your daughters room to stay so "messy" LOL my boys rooms look like an atomic bomb has gone off...on a daily basis!!
    Thanks for sharing this project on a budget! LOVE IT!

  14. I agree with Amanda. The idea of using fabric is brilliant. Its less messy and more professional looking. Don't forget to treat her to some magnets, I can recommend these.

  15. These are great no $$ ideas, I LOVE them



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