Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giving Hydrangeas New Life with Spray Paint

As you may remember, I made gorgeous fresh hydrangea wreaths for my front doors a year and a half ago. I absolutely loved them. I loved how they looked, I loved the bright and vibrant colors and I loved that they cost me almost nothing at the time to make.
They stayed that way for about a year and a half. Unfortunately, they now they look blanched because the color has fully leached out of them.
They are still pretty but not something I want to hang on my front door. I honestly thought my only option would be to throw them out, but I had one of those aha moments when I was redoing (aka spray painting) some accessories for my family room (I will share those soon). I was spray painting all sorts of things and thought, why can't I spray paint the hydrangeas? What would be the worst thing that could happen? I might ruin them? Well they were already destined for the garbage so it was worth a try.

Here is what wreaths looked like before they ventured into my garage for some spray painting:
 Here is what they look like now after a few different colors of spray paint:
Not bad huh! Sorry the photos are a little is pretty dreary here today.

Here is how I did it. I pulled out four colors of spray paint that matched the original pre-dried color of the hydrangeas. I only have 3 in this picture but I also used a bright lime green.
 I started by painting the entire wreath a light green.
I then progressively got darker. So went next to the lime color, then the celery and finally the brick color. I made sure to do sections with just one color to mimic how the hydrangeas look when fresh.
See how parts are green and others deep red? If you look really closely you can tell it was spray painted...but if someone wants to look that closely they can just go home! :)

I will probably make these again with fresh hydrangeas again next fall, but for now, the wreaths have new life and look great all over again.

Can you image the possibilities? Hydrangeas come in so many different colors so you can match any room in your house. If you have some dried on your bushes outside, go cut them and grab your favorite colors of spray paint. See what you can make.

What do you think?


  1. you are just amazing.
    taking a real natural wreath,
    taking spray paint
    to make it look real natural again.
    pretty cool!

    inviting YOU to join our linky party
    for linking up beautiful things (w tutorials):

  2. Thank you! You may have just saved the dried hydrangeas in a vase from hitting the garbage can!

  3. I love to spray paint so this is a great idea. I did just learn a new trick to dry hydrangeas and maintain the color for longer. Dry the hydrangeas in water...crazy you say? Just keep the stems in water until you notice they no longer are taking in water. I had to refill the water for about a week and half before the stems stop "drinking" the water. So far they are still colorful...after 6 months.

  4. I love it, that if people don't like it, they can go home!

  5. These hydrangeas are gorgeous! I am a bit obsessed with this beautiful flower, and am looking forward to bringing my faded blooms "back to life" - Thank you for sharing!
    When my son was a teenager, I painted a little sign that still graces my entryway: "Be nice ~ or go home!"
    It always brings a smile to my visitor's faces! :-D

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  7. I'm so excited about this idea. I have a huge antique wooden container filled with very old brown hydrangeas. I'm not having any luck drying more from my bushes to replace them (any ideas anyone?). I will now try painting the old ones! I love your blog with such cool ideas! Thank you!



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