Thursday, October 27, 2011

FGI - Frugal Gift Ideas @ Full of Great Ideas

I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear, giggling at one of the dumbest things...I realized I could use the abbreviation FGI and it applies both to Frugal Gift Ideas and Full of Great Ideas. Isn't it funny how such small things can make me act like a child?

Well, I decided a couple of days ago to create one page on my blog dedicated to all things Gifts. As you know the majority of what I do is frugal (aka cheap) so this new page will not disappoint you. There are over 20 frugal, DIY gift ideas and not one is over $30.

I have organized all the gifts I have made over the past year and sorted them by cost to make. The cost is how much I feel you would have to pay if you have nothing in your craft stash. If you are anything like me, you have way too much crafting materials hidden away (so your significant other doesn't see it all and then ask why you are buying more) and you will be able to make these gifts for significantly less.

I know the majority of you are not planning your Christmas list yet, but I am. All of us up here in the Great White North have already had our Thanksgiving, so all we have between now and Christmas is Halloween and that is not a big event in our house.  So Christmas is my main focus.

I am having a big debate with myself as to what I should do this holiday season regarding gifts and this blog. As I do most years, I am planning on making many of the gifts we will give. Here is my problem; the people I make these gifts for i.e. family, friends and teachers, all read this blog. How can I post my ideas so you can make them before Christmas, without those who will be receiving them seeing them in advance? I might just have to ban all I know from peaking.

I have some great items in the works and will start posting homemade Christmas gift ideas soon, so stop by in the next week to see if the ideas are something you too can use.

Be sure to check out the new FGI - Frugal Gift Ideas page.

Happy 'Homemade' Gifting.

P.S. I will put the date I updated the FGI page at the top so you can quickly see if anything has been added since you visited last. I hope this makes it a little easier than scrolling down every time to see if something is new. If you have any suggestions on this, I would love to hear them.


  1. Seriously, I love this. The fact that you don't have anything over $30 is priceless!

  2. What a wonderful idea... you rock!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. Thanks again for sharing all your great ideas. I love the newest addition to your site, and can't wait to check back for new FGI's (frugal gift ideas). :)

  4. Great idea. Cannot wait to see what else you add to the list!



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