Sunday, April 22, 2012

UNO First Birthday T-Shirt

As I mentioned a few weeks ago when I posted the little gardener gift basket, I have a lot of parties around this time of year. Well, last week my youngest nephew turned one and I knew I had to make him a shirt I saw on Etsy that I had pinned here. The UNO shirt is sold for $25 (which really isn't bad when you look at some Etsy prices) but it can be made for under $5.

I designed my UNO logo on Sure Cuts a Lot software but you could do this using Cricut cartridges, Silhouette or if you have a steady hand, just designing on Word and cutting it out with an exacto knife.

I used a rounded rectangle and placed an oval on top.
I turned the oval slightly so it pointed to opposite corners of the rectangle. If you are using SCAL you now need to delete the oval from the rectangle by selecting Path, Back minus front.
 I  inserted the text and found that Arial Rounded MT Bold font was the closest to the UNO lettering.
Here is the most important part, I cut the design out on freezer paper with shiny side down. Once cut, your iron the freezer paper onto a preshrunk/washed t-shirt.  Let me tell you, I had a really hard time finding a plain shirt or onesie. I purchased mine at Walmart for $3 but I had been to many stores before I found it at the second Walmart.

Once the stencil was ironed onto the T-shirt, I used white fabric paint with a foam brush to cover all the exposed shirt.
 I also did his name on the back.
I used a glossier fabric paint this time and I realized that I should not let the paint dry completely before I remove the freezer paper stencil. In the past I have been too impatient and removed the paper when the paint was still wet. Well, this time I was distracted and I let it completely dry and I had a difficult time removing the paper. Good news for all you impatient people out there like me, let the paint dry slightly (or not at all) and then remove the freezer paper.
 Once all the freezer paper is removed, this is what I had.
 Cute huh!
 And the back.
Isn't it absolutely adorable on my nephew. (Sorry for the horrible photos, I only had my little camera in my purse and it seemed to be having some issues)
Super cute for $3!

What do you think? Have you ever made birthday shirts for your kids?

Have a great day,


  1. The shirt and Gavin are both adorable.

  2. Very cute! Wanna send me the Uno design so I don't have to make it?!? Just kindding..kinda. I plan on trying this for my son's birthday.

  3. Super cute! I hand painted a shirt for my oldest daughter's 2nd & 3rd birthday shirts years ago- she's 17 now

  4. Would you be willing to share your design file? I'm not even going to kid myself into thinking that I can make that!

  5. I bet you would do well selling that stencil on etsy. :)

  6. I would love that shirt! I'm looking for an uno shirt and my son's name is Gavin!




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