Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Lavender Linen Water - Easy Gifts on a Budget (Part 5)

Sorry for the delay in posting this recipe. I have been kind of frazzled the past week or so. I thought I was completely under control with my 80% home made gift goal until I realized we are in December.

I knew what I was making everyone but had I finished them, no! So that is where I have been. So, my posts might come a few at a time or there might be days in between. But I will get everything posted!

Here is where I am with my spa DIY gift. In case you are new to this series, here is my running list of spa related items I making (and sharing with you):
I love Lavender linen water. I have used it in my iron, sprayed it on my sheets and towels to freshen them, added it to laundry and used it as air freshener. This is the first time I have made it myself and I am a little shocked at how stores charge what they do for this.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 cups Distilled water (I read this prevents mold from growing)
  • 20-30 drops of Lavender essential oil (or what ever scent you want)
  • 3 tablespoons of Vodka (I know you all let out a little scream for using vodka but it helps the oil mix with water. Just use your cheapest vodka for this)
  • Spray bottle or jar 
I don't really drink, so, I had to send my husband a note while he was at work to ask which bottle to use. I had his really pricey one out about to use it when he responded. I made 5 of these so 3 tablespoons times 5 would have added up :) Good thing he checked his email.

This recipe for Lavender scented linen water was really easy. Some sites will say to mix it all together and you are done.

Here is what one trick I learned that you need to know when making this yourself...mix the vodka and essential oil together before you add the distilled water! This will prevent oil bubbles floating throughout your linen water. So add the vodka to your spray bottle, add your essential oil, swish it around and add your water.

It is really that easy! I didn't even feel it was necessary to share the making of photos.
The grand total is hard to estimate. The bottle cost me $1 at the Dollar store, a huge bottle of distilled water cost $1 and the oil was around $20 but I have used it for all my spa items and still have over half left. So I think $1.50 is a reasonable guesstimate (shockingly, that word did not come up as spelled is now a word :) ).

How are you Christmas gifts coming along?



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  2. This is very easy. Thanks for sharing the updates here

  3. I can still see the essential oil floating on top of the water when I 'mix' it with the vodka. It doesn't really mix in. Seems to work, though, when it's in my sprayer. I shake it up before misting the clothes. It may be my imagination, but my iron seems to glide more smoothly when I use this instead of plain water (I use spring, not distilled water in the linen water and tap water - which is very hard - in the iron). My cotton clothes seem to have a smoother 'finish' somehow, when I iron with this.

    Still, the lavender essential oil doesn't really mix in with the vodka. Does it mean I can skip the vodka and just do it with water?

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