Saturday, April 23, 2011

Custom baby onesies - The cutest things in the world besides the baby

Happy Easter everyone!

As you know, we have a new little one in our family and we could not be happier! He is absolutely adorable.

I thought it would be really cute to make him some little onesies that were personalized to him and his family. I love freezer paper stenciling for how easy it it and how it always turns out so well. So I picked up a pack of 5 thick white onesies ($9) and started my endless debate as to what to put on them. I have to say I am the most indecisive person in the world.

I knew immediately that I had to make this one. My brother-in-law (and husband) are Korean so I thought this would be adorable "Made in Canada with Korean parts". It would work for all of you in the US too just change it up to say "made in the US with ______ parts".  I am going to put a big old Maple Leaf on the bum but I need a different cartridge that I will have to borrow from my mom. I LOVE THIS ONE!
Then I thought since all the boys on my husband's side like to pretend they are little martial arts experts, we would make a onesie to look like a karate outfit. My husband will put our nephew's Korean name on the one side like they do in martial arts classes. Isn't it adorable!! There was no freezer paper used for this one...just free hand by my husband.
For the third one, I thought since my brother-in-law is always wearing a Flash T-shirt (the DC comic Flash, not the program Flash) I could create a mini Flash onesie. I created 2 circles out of freezer paper and stenciled the space in between red. I then printed a Flash lightening bolt and cut it out on the freezer paper and stenciled it yellow.  Not 100% accurate to Flash but still CUTE!
As you can see there are only there are 2 more to come! One is done and it is absolutely adorable but worthy of its own post and the second is still being debated :)

What do you think! Do you love them as much as me?

Oh and people have been asking what paint I use. I use the puffy type of paint but I brush it on so it is flat.
 Have a Happy Easter!

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Personalized Birth Announcement Art

As you know my favorite post of all times was the Name/Established Art. I have given these as gifts for teachers, weddings and any other occasion I can think of.
When my new nephew was born, I knew I had to make him one.  I knew I wanted to include some additional information on this, like his weight and the date and time he was born, so I put a black line to frame his name and put the date and time on the top left and his weight on the bottom right.   I blurred out the details but you get the idea :)

Here is what the draft image looked like. I created this before I had the exact details for him.

For instructions on how to make this and where to find the letters, see the Name/Est art post here.
I knew the frame I was going to purchase when I created the art, so I made the image to fit perfectly.  The image you see is approximately 15x7 inches but I had to create an image that was 18x12 inches for printing ($3.49 a Costco). (Update: I have been having a lot of questions as to how I am printing at Costco. I am not sure if Costco US is different from Costco Canada, but we can print photos in sizes up to 12x18 for an extremely reasonable price. After uploading the image, I can simply select the large size from the pull down menu. I am sorry I do not know how the US version works. If there isn't the exact size I want, I create a photo to the print size available and leave white space around the image. Then crop the paper once I get home. hope this helps.)

I purchased this frame at Ikea ($12.99) and my wonderful husband cut the mat so it held one photo as opposed to three small photos. He used a metal ruler and an Exacto knife and cut the mat on an angle. You really can't see where he removed the sections.
 I am really happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Counting down the days - Pregnancy T-shirt

No, I am not pregnant! But my sister-in-law is.

I have to share the cutest pregnancy t-shirt she created using the freezer paper stencil technique you see all over the blogging world (if you need details on how to do it, I posted the instructions last month here).

Using a t-shirt she had on hand, fabric paint, freezer paper and a Cricut, she stenciled the words "counting down" below her belly and added some hash marks. How cute would it be it you added a new line for every week you are along!
She was wearing it when she came over today, so the only shots I have of her are with it on. But it shows how adorable it looks when she is wearing it. And shows what a good sport she is allowing me to photograph her belly when she is scheduled to have the new addition to our family on Monday! I promised I wouldn't show her face since she thought she wasn't camera ready, but she looks amazing for being 9 months pregnant.
  How cute and we can't wait to meet the little one!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Upgrade your Builder Grade Mirror - Frame it!

I love framed mirrors in the bathroom but I really don't like the idea of ripping out a large builder mirror to replace it with a smaller framed one. Not only is it hurting the environment, it hurts my pocket book. So at our first house we framed our builder grade mirror with some cheap MDF molding and ever since, we have been hooked on this cheap, but with a huge impact, solution.

I saw on Our Suburban Cottage, over a year ago, an amazing mirror that she created in her bathroom. Using her design, my husband was able to create this stunning addition to our master bathroom's mini-reno. I fully intend to redo everything out of this bathroom when time and money permits; but for now we had to do cosmetic changes that have made this bathroom livable for a few years.

We did two bathrooms with this type of frame. This bathroom mirror is between 2 walls so I will give these instructions. When I have some time I will show you how to do a bathroom mirror that is not butted against two walls.

Before (when we bought the house):
After (after some minor and inexpensive changes):
Materials needed:
1x4 MDF trim (to go the entire way around the mirror)
Thin trim with one side rounded (2 times the width of the mirror)
Crown molding (the width of the mirror)
Liquid nails (be sure it adheres to glass!)

Paint all the trim both back and front. You might not think of painting the back side, but take my word, you will see the reflection of the back side in the mirror.  I spray painted the trim and I loved the smooth look; I personally have issues with getting my paint smooth so this was my only option.

Measure (twice) the width of the mirror and cut 2 pieces of 1x4 trim and the rounded trim. Paint the ends that have been cut.

Attach, with liquid nails, one of the rounded trim pieces to the 1 inch side of the 1x4 piece. Be sure to keep the back side of these 2 pieces flush because they will be up against the mirror..a flat surface. Do the same with the other 1x4 and rounded trim (the second glued "trim to 1x4" will be used for the top of the mirror, that I describe below).
We then secured the one 1x4 and rounded trim to the bottom of the mirror. We used liquid nails to attach the peice to the mirror and used my son's lego as a support it until it was dry.

After determining exactly where we wanted the top of the frame to be, we measure the distance between the top and the bottom molding and then cut two 1x4 pieces for the sides. These two pieces were then glued to the mirror tight against the bottom piece.

With the second glued "trim to 1x4", we flipped it and glued the crown molding to the opposite side of the 1x4. Once set, this piece was then glued to the top of the mirror. We did put a couple triangle pieces on the back of the crown to give it additional support, but this is optional.

My husband caulked the seams to make it the frame seamless and not look like pieces of wood.

Isn't it absolutely AMAZING!?!?  I think in total it cost under $30 to do this frame. Worth every penny in my opinion.
 In total for this mini-renovation we painted the entire bathroom, framed the mirror, replaced the counter top with an in stock piece from Lowes, bought two beautiful raised sinks on clearance at Lowes, purchased 2 new lights from a cheap local store, made some roman blinds out of a scrap curtain and bought a couple new faucets.  These simple things have made a huge difference. I still hate the shower but I can live with it for a few more years :)

Here it is from a few different angles.
Oh and I almost forgot...I made a pendant lamp that hangs above our large soaker tub from a really cheap lamp shade ($10 at Walmart) and a pendant kit from Lowes. I love it too :) It has one low watt bulb it in which is great when you are soaking in the tub. Not much brighter than a few candles but enough to read by.
What do you think? I love it every day I walk into the bathroom.

Answers to the clip questions: There have been questions about the clips holding the mirror on the wall. On all of our mirrors, we have flush/flat metal hooks that holds the mirror to the wall. You can see the metal clip on the photo below, it is immediately below the light. We were able to put the molding right over the hooks without a problem. We know that when we want to remove the mirror we will have to destroy it..the builder glued it to the drywall. If you have the plastic hooks that are not flush (with the screw through them) you will not be able to do this unless you replace them.

Friday, April 8, 2011

OMG!! Flip flop, sandle and ballet flat hangers on my $0 budget

With two shoe loving girls in this house, we have our fair share of summer shoes (especially my daughter who loves shoes more than I do). In the winter, I hate having a pile of flip flops kicking around the bottom of the closet getting in the way and in the summer I struggle to find two matching shoes in when I am always in a hurry to run out the door.

Funny story..A couple of months ago I ran out of the house to catch my train. It was very dark outside and I didn't want to turn on too many lights, so I grabbed my knee high boots and ran out the door. I drove across town, parked and ran to the station, I was running up the stairs with the train pulling in and I realized my heels were making different sounds when I walked. It was an odd thing but didn't think too much about it, until I looked down to avoid a pile of snow and saw I was wearing one knee high black and the other was brown! To make it even worse, they were different height heels! I still to this day don't know how I managed it but at least I caught it before getting on the train and was able to go back home to change :)

Back to the flip flop hanger. I was surfing through Pinterest and saw a picture of this amazing idea. I thought it was absolutely adorable and I knew it would solve my shoe problems :).  EPBOT took a cheap wire hanger and converted it into a flip flop hanger!!! She is a genius...who would have ever thought to do this!

Wire hanger
Wire snips
Scrapbook paper 1.5 x 12 inch (optional)
Spray paint (optional)

Here is how it is done. Take a cheap, thin, flimsy wire hanger and cut off the bottom.
My girlfriend is a police officer, so she gives me her wire hanger from when she dry cleans her uniforms. I started to amass a large stash and was thinking I wouldn't find anything else to do with them.  Reinforces my craft supply hording :) 
Using pliers, I straightened out the small bend at the neck and created two new bends about 3 inches from the middle. I then created a loop at the bottom and continued to roll it up for where the flip flop will hang. For ballet flats, I made a wider circle so the toe of the flat rested on the wire. There is no right or wrong here.

I debated spray painting these a bright color, like hot pink or lime green but I liked the white. Perhaps I will make a set for my daughter's closet with bright green. We will see. But if you want to spray paint them, this would be the time.

Cut a strip of scrapbook paper to be 1.5 inches wide and 12 inches long and made a little jacket for the hanger.

Glued on a spare button or a rhinestone to finish it off.  Isn't it adorable!
 I have only done two but I knew I had to share it ASAP. I just love this. Thanks EPBOT!!!
I have an old shower rod (you know the tension mount ones) that I am going to put in the closet to hang all of the shoes. When I am done, I will post more photos.

Are you as excited about this as I am?!?!


Help...I need your advice to finish my Master Bedroom

I really have no desire to do a house tour on my blog since my house really isn't spectacular (I love it because it is comfy) but my last post kind of lends itself to showing you our bedroom. So I thought I might as well for those of you who are interested and for those of you who have advice to help me in my quest for a ceiling light/fan and curtains.
Here are the before photos from when we bought the house.  What do you think of the wallpaper and trim on the top of the wall? I assume at some point they had matching bedding too :) :
 Here are the after photos ..still with no curtains (please give me some advice!):
 I was not very smart buying a 100% cotton white duvet for our massive king size bed. Just think about it, white duvet, 2 kids, 1 dog...spells disaster. I am always struggling to keep it white with the dark lines staying dark! Plus I feel like I need to iron and starch it and the pillows so they aren't full of wrinkles.  My husband would chime in right now and point our that I don't there will always be wrinkles :)
This little nook leads to the master bathroom and walk in closet (I can never show you that!).

What we see when we walk up the stairs.

As mentioned, I still have some items that I would love to do/replace in here. Curtains for one and the overhead light. It currently looks like an upside down mushroom. I debate a ceiling fan or a chandelier.. I hate the look of a ceiling fan but I love the practicality of them. we have hot summers and I love a fan. But we also have cold winters and hate to have a fan that is off. My debate will rage on.

So does anyone have any curtain advice? I was thinking of putting one rod the entire way across all the  windows and putting panels in between each window. Maybe drop cloth curtains or a deep brown. I have to keep some sort of blind for privacy and I do love how bright the white wood blinds make the room.  I just can't decide. HELP :)

I hope everyone has a great day.


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