Thursday, October 28, 2010

Burlap Meaning of Name Sign

First off...if you are my sister, you can stop reading now! Warning spoiler alert.
I have been waiting and waiting to start my posting my Christmas craft ideas and I made a deal with myself that I would start posting Christmas after Halloween. I am in Canada so our Thanksgiving is done; so I can start Christmas earlier! But I could not wait to show you this idea! It is technically not Christmas but it is a Christmas gift I plan to give.

So as of Monday, November 1st it will be almost all Christmas on Full of Great Ideas! How exciting. I love Christmas!

Well on to my exciting Christmas gift for my nephews. 

We have all seen those great burlap pillow with the words or monogrammed initials on them and I have wondered how to make one. I have seen tutorials to print the design on paper, trace it onto the burlap and then paint the image on. There is one thing about me that is 100% true...I am not artistic. I can't draw anything! Just ask my kids.

So when I saw this absolutely amazing idea at Domestically Speaking showing you how to print on to burlap I was both shocked and amazed.  How has no one ever thought of this before! Maryann is a GENIUS!

I was so inspired that I had to immediately make her Laundry sign. After the amazing results I had with that sign,  I had a small piece of burlap leftover. You can't waste a perfectly good piece of burlap that has already been ironed (I hate ironing..just ask my husband) so I knew I could make something for my sister's house. She live in an old 1890ish farm home and burlap fits perfectly into her decor.

WARNING: I cannot guarantee this will not damage a printer. I have printed 5 different burlap pieces in the past day and have had no issues...but I can't guarantee it won't happen. P.S. don't tell my husband I did this..he will not be happy with me :) So now that I have put that out there, here we go.
Burlap (ironed)
Freezer paper (not waxed paper!)
Foam board (optional)
Modgepodge or other way to adhere to frame (optional)

Iron the fabric until perfectly flat.  I used a spray bottle of water to get the fibers to stick down.
These instructions are to do it full sized (8 1/2 x 11) but did a smaller version (used a 5x7 frame) for the project I photographed.

Cut the freezer paper slightly larger than the size of the image I designed in a word processing program.
Iron the shiny side of the freezer paper on medium heat/dry setting onto the burlap (the shiny side will stick when heated).
Cut the burlap/freezer paper to 8 1/2 inches wide so it fits perfectly in your printer.
Do a test run, printing your image onto blank printer paper to ensure it is exactly what you want.
Load the burlap/paper into your printer making extra sure you put it in the correct way it will print.  Double check the image on the printer telling you what side of the paper is printed on. 

 Once printed, it will look like this.  Remove the freezer paper by peeling it off the back.
You can easily fray the ends to add some character by carefully pulling one row of thread out at a time. be careful not to remove too many rows or you will take part of the lettering off.
The frame I purchased was a deep side style frame that was cheap, inexpensive, frugally priced (however you look at it only cost me $2) at the Dollar Store.
I framed mine two different ways. For Nathan's I removed the glass, mat and replaced them with foam board cut to size.
I carefully ModgePodged the burlap onto the foam board. Don't use too much glue as it will come through the holes of the burlap. Once dry, if any of the letters are clear or dark enough, use a fine tip sharpie to fill in the gaps.
 I think I will keep my eyes open for a few John Deere tractor buttons or tacks to put on the four corners for decoration.

For Jordan's, I wrapped the burlap carefully around the backing of the frame. I left the glass on since I was not going to put any accents (I printed the tractor on).

Grand total for the project= $2 (I had burlap, modgepodge, foam board, and freezer paper on hand from previous projects)

There are so many possibilities with this method! I see my sister getting some custom pillows :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY Burlap Box / Drawer

Do any of you have a spot in your house that you would love a basket or a nice box to hide stuff but you just can't find one that fits just right...or perhaps the one you found is ridiculously expensive and you just can't justify it?  Well, I was in the same boat with our mud room.  My husband and I made a lovely bench for the mudroom (out of an Ikea shelf...I will post this later) but I could not find any boxes to fit in the spaces.  I was using stumpy baskets that were a little too long and didn't hide anything! Please do not look at the crafting mess :)
I have seen on a few blogs, people custom making boxes out of larger ones and I thought this might be my only option. That was until I bought those cardboard style mini pizzas at Costco. I will admit I love the things..just don't tell my husband, he thinks they are for the kids.  So, after I bought these pizzas and I noticed the box they came in fits almost perfectly into the slots in the bench.
 So this is how I transformed it to work perfectly.

Materials needed:
Cardboard box
Duct tape
Burlap or fabric
Twine or ribbon

I cut the box to the height I wanted it (remember the fabric will make it higher so cut a little extra off).
 Duct tape the corners of the top flaps, both the inside and the outside, to make them secure.

I was going to use burlap to cover this, so I knew the bright colors of the box would show through. I personally love to spray paint but I just found this paint at Home Depot in Heirloom white and through I would give it a try.  I have used this paint in black before and love it but this is the first time I have seen it in other colors.
Put two coats of paint over the entire box. When I was finished painting, I could still see a little of the tape and print through but it didn't matter as the burlap covered it.
I started to cover the box on the small sides first. I did this because these sides would not been seen.
I covered one side at a time with ModgePodge and then stuck the fabric down. I put a piece of duct tape on the inside just to hold it while the glue dried.
I did cover the side seams with ModgePodge to ensure they stuck down well.
 I took three pieces of twine and braided them to make a pull.
I punched two small holes in the box and inserted the braided twine pull. (You can see the wet Modge Podge on the inside of the box)
And here it is FINISHED!  One down....three more to go.  Let me tell you we will be eating a lot of mini pizzas over the next few weeks :)
 Once I clean up the mudroom and finish a few more of these I will post revised pictures.

What do you think?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What can you do with a $3 bolt of wire?

 This not a question I ever thought I would be asking myself.  After randomly picking up a $3 bolt of wire last week at Home Depot, I have been extremely interested in what I can make with it. I know what you are thinking, wire is not exciting ...but it is!

When you are on sites like Pottery Barn they have so many things created out of wire that don't really look that difficult to make.

So over the past week, this is what I have made for $3 with wire (and still have some left over):

I have made the wire photo holders (version 1) (version 2)
 Made my daughter's name to put on her shelf (it is approximately 32 inches wide)
 Accented a Dollar Store frame. I am still working on this and this might be a separate post if I can think up a few more idea ...since I still have some wire left over :)

Made the word 'love' (18 wide) to put above a photo. I think I might spray paint it with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

There is nothing really complicated with any of these designs. They were easy to make and only took a short time.

The one tip I have is don't bend the wire too much until you are sure it is in the position you want. The wire is forgiving but not if you do a 'hard' bend on it.

What do you think of my $3 spent?  Not bad huh!

The Absolute Favorite Thing I Have Made! Name and Est. Date Wall Art

Have you seen on other blogs people using vinyl lettering to spell their last name and the year they were married, for example Smith est. 2001?  I love these! I had dreamed about eventually doing this in our front entrance but could never find a place with the vinyl lettering I liked. So when my sister sent me Under the Table and Dreaming's  and My Three Monsters idea for this....I literally screamed with joy.  You have to see what they have done!

I love Stephanie Lynn's and Amy's version but I have a last name with only two letters! I could not use the layout  they designed because my last name just got lost.  After hours of playing with it I came up with the most beautiful, in my opinion, design! I love, love, love this!!!

  • I used Microsoft Office Publisher to design this.  It works best if you know the frame you want to use because you make the image custom to that size.
  • I located the frame I wanted at Ikea. I love square frames and was overjoyed when I realized the design I wanted would work beautifully square.
  • If using Office Publisher, select 'Blank page', 'Create Custom Page Size' and then enter the size the photo needs to be. Once the blank page is opened, select the tab on the top 'Arrange'. In the pull down select 'Layout guides'. This allows you to make as many rows and columns as you will need and it creates a grid for you to fit the images into. I used a 4x4 grid with margin guides of 1.27cm (sorry for the cm I am in Canada). Then select the 'Grid Guides' tab and I used 0.25 cm spacing between the rows and columns. If you DO NOT want the white spaces in between, make this 0 . I found the space made the images pop a little more but everyone is different.
  • Go to this wonderful site by Leo Reynolds and find the letters and numbers you like. This is a hard step!  I spent hours changing the images over and over again. 
  • What is amazing with Office Publisher is when you have the image you like open, on Leo Reynolds page, you can literally drag it from the website right into Publisher without having to save it first. This is a lot faster!
  • Once you are happy with the design, save the image as a high resolution JPEG (to do this in Publisher follow theses steps: 'Save As', 'Save as type', 'JPEG', 'Change...' (Resolution), 'High quality printing or commercial printing (300dpi)') . 
  • Then upload the JPEG to where ever you print photos. 
(UPDATE: I have been getting questions stating the drag and drop method isn't working for them or the images are inserting blurry. Make sure you open the letter/number fully before saving or inserting it.  When you are looking at the page of 100 or so small images, click on the image you like to make it larger, then right click on the image and select 'View Medium 640' or bigger. Once the new image opens you can drag and drop from this screen ..but if that doesn't work, right click on it again and select 'save image as'. Save the letter/number to a place on your computer where you can find it. Open the Publisher file and 'insert', 'picture', 'from file'. Find the letter/number on your computer and select it. Adjust the image size to fit.)
I have made these as gift for friends, family and teachers.  The printing cost is very minimal (for example, the 12x12 inch square I did cost me $2.50 at Costco) and I purchased many of the frames at Ikea or thrift stores (spray painted them). So for those of you looking for Christmas ideas, anniversary gifts,etc etc. keep this in mind as it is a great gift for a low, low, low price.

Here are some examples of the gifts I have made:



Thank you Stephanie Lynn and Amy for this! Let me know what you think of my designs.


UPDATE: I used this same technique to create an amazing custom baby announcement that I absolutely love. Here is what the end result looked like. 
What do you think? If you want more info, click here to see the instructions and more photos.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Make your own Wire Photo Holder (Version 2)

I thought I would try to make a larger version of the photo holder I made for my daughter.
This time I used higher gauge wire (14 gauge) and it worked out even better than the lighter gauge. It seems to hold it shape a little better but I was still able to bend it and shape it easily with my hands.  I decided I would try to make this version square instead of round.   I could not get it perfectly square, but it isn't bad. The photos and ribbon cover up most imperfections. 

I love how this color wire looks great with black and white photos and it will work nicely for Christmas cards.

 This version took about half the roll of wire that was $ grand total $1.50.

Enjoy! Stephanie
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