The Absolute Favorite Thing I Have Made! Name and Est. Date Wall Art

Have you seen on other blogs people using vinyl lettering to spell their last name and the year they were married, for example Smith est. 2001?  I love these! I had dreamed about eventually doing this in our front entrance but could never find a place with the vinyl lettering I liked. So when my sister sent me Under the Table and Dreaming's  and My Three Monsters idea for this....I literally screamed with joy.  You have to see what they have done!

I love Stephanie Lynn's and Amy's version but I have a last name with only two letters! I could not use the layout  they designed because my last name just got lost.  After hours of playing with it I came up with the most beautiful, in my opinion, design! I love, love, love this!!!

  • I used Microsoft Office Publisher to design this.  It works best if you know the frame you want to use because you make the image custom to that size.
  • I located the frame I wanted at Ikea. I love square frames and was overjoyed when I realized the design I wanted would work beautifully square.
  • If using Office Publisher, select 'Blank page', 'Create Custom Page Size' and then enter the size the photo needs to be. Once the blank page is opened, select the tab on the top 'Arrange'. In the pull down select 'Layout guides'. This allows you to make as many rows and columns as you will need and it creates a grid for you to fit the images into. I used a 4x4 grid with margin guides of 1.27cm (sorry for the cm I am in Canada). Then select the 'Grid Guides' tab and I used 0.25 cm spacing between the rows and columns. If you DO NOT want the white spaces in between, make this 0 . I found the space made the images pop a little more but everyone is different.
  • Go to this wonderful site by Leo Reynolds and find the letters and numbers you like. This is a hard step!  I spent hours changing the images over and over again. 
  • What is amazing with Office Publisher is when you have the image you like open, on Leo Reynolds page, you can literally drag it from the website right into Publisher without having to save it first. This is a lot faster!
  • Once you are happy with the design, save the image as a high resolution JPEG (to do this in Publisher follow theses steps: 'Save As', 'Save as type', 'JPEG', 'Change...' (Resolution), 'High quality printing or commercial printing (300dpi)') . 
  • Then upload the JPEG to where ever you print photos. 
(UPDATE: I have been getting questions stating the drag and drop method isn't working for them or the images are inserting blurry. Make sure you open the letter/number fully before saving or inserting it.  When you are looking at the page of 100 or so small images, click on the image you like to make it larger, then right click on the image and select 'View Medium 640' or bigger. Once the new image opens you can drag and drop from this screen ..but if that doesn't work, right click on it again and select 'save image as'. Save the letter/number to a place on your computer where you can find it. Open the Publisher file and 'insert', 'picture', 'from file'. Find the letter/number on your computer and select it. Adjust the image size to fit.)
I have made these as gift for friends, family and teachers.  The printing cost is very minimal (for example, the 12x12 inch square I did cost me $2.50 at Costco) and I purchased many of the frames at Ikea or thrift stores (spray painted them). So for those of you looking for Christmas ideas, anniversary gifts,etc etc. keep this in mind as it is a great gift for a low, low, low price.

Here are some examples of the gifts I have made:



Thank you Stephanie Lynn and Amy for this! Let me know what you think of my designs.


UPDATE: I used this same technique to create an amazing custom baby announcement that I absolutely love. Here is what the end result looked like. 
What do you think? If you want more info, click here to see the instructions and more photos.


  1. I love these! You did an awesome job on this. I have really been wanting to try this too. And now seeing this on your blog I'm going to do this. I have done a few things at my blog involving our last name as well. I made a sign and did a mosaic tile plaque to go over our front door. You can check them out at my bloggy if you like. BTW..I loved your blog so much I had start following you. Great Job Girlie!!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! Love it so much more than the vinyl versions.

  3. Love this! Might just have to make some of these as Christmas gifts.

  4. Love this! I have one with our last name on it and I get so many compliments on it. This is a great alternative!

  5. Linking up thru Tales from Bloggeritaville. Awesome Project, beautiful! I LOVE this kind of art/Decor. Your blog is gorgeous and if you ever visit mine, I would love to hear from you.
    Denise, New Follower!

  6. Neat! But way beyond my computer ability's. Great gift idea too.

  7. Great idea!! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Please stop by my Commercial Break Thursday and link up!


  8. amazing! i read the same post at under the table and dreaming. i love your designs!

  9. Love this!! So so cute! Thank you so much for posting it - especially the Office Publisher parts. That is where I would have just given up! Thanks for the great Christmas gift idea!!!!

  10. love how it turned out! I did this last year and took the pictures around our year but I am definitely going to head over to the site!! Make sure to link up next Tuesday!

  11. oh that is fabulous and uniquely different, fabulous gift idea

  12. This is seriously gorgeous and clever! I love the combo of fonts and textures and colors. What a great idea.

  13. I love this project and it's definitely one I want to try in the future. And what a great gift idea. The one you created for yourself came out beautifully!

  14. LOVE THIS...I had not seen it before and am totally going to spend tonight playing with some letters :)

    Thnx for sharing.


  15. Stephanie, Amazing!! I was just as excited when I saw Amy's too. I love the idea of giving these as gifts - such a cool unique present. Love all your versions! {thanks for the shout out!} Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  16. HI there! I am your newest follower from the weekend blog hop!! I love finding new blogs and your is lovely:) You can find me at

    Take a *peek* at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!!

  17. Just beautiful - you take great photos!
    Stop over to enter a giveaway!

  18. Awesome (and I don't use that word much, haha)! Thanks for the great gift idea!

  19. OK, so I stayed up until midnight (and I'm usually out by 9)picking out letters and making my own. Thanks so much for the tutorial and the links!

  20. Love this! On my to-do list! Thanks for the tutorial.

  21. LOVE this idea. Thanks for the links too!! I joined up to follow. I hope you stop over to see me too! BTW, stopped over from "Tutorial Tuesday". Thanks so much for sharing... I'll be back to check out all your other postings!!!

  22. I really want to do this! But I want to take my own pictures!! =)

    You did awesome!!

  23. I LOVE what you did with yours!! Very fun!!!

  24. I love this and I tried it today. I could not get the pic to drag to my Publisher document. Please help! I want to make these for my family as Xmas gifts. I have Windows 7 Publisher. Thanks!

  25. Hi Stacey in DE,

    If you can't drap and drop the images, you can also save them to your computer and then insert them into the file.

    To do this:
    Locate the letter or number you like, click on it so it is large, right click on the image and select 'View Medium 640'. Once the new image opens, right click on it again and select 'save image as'. Save the letter/number to a place on your computer where you can find it. Open the Publisher file and 'insert', 'picture', 'from file'. Find the letter/number on your computer and select it. Adjust the image size to fit.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to email me at fullofgreatideas(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any other questions.

    Good luck with your Christmas gifts. This is personally my favorite wedding gift :)

  26. OH MY GOODNESS!! Sorry for all those caps, but I'm so excited! It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it, but thanks to your excellent tutorial I made one of these and just ordered the print online in about an hour and a half total. Thank you as well for the suggestions on the size and frame, a GREAT excuse to go to Ikea!

  27. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing your detailed tutorial! I am featuring you over at our blog.

  28. Just found your blog today, and I love it! I just made a pic for our family name, and it was a breeze (and I've never used Publisher before)! Thanks for the tutorial!

  29. I downloaded Microsoft Office but I don't see Publisher. HELP!! I want to do this!!

  30. Makes it a lot easier when you don't even have to "find" the letters & take the pics! LOL I made our last name a couple of years ago using pictures that I took around our house. Ours is made of 4x6 photos, but for Christmas that year, I got wallets of each letter and made one for each of my in-laws. It was a super-easy gift! Found you @ Skip to my Lou

  31. Oh my gosh!! How wonderful!!

    I used the links you supplied, and my Adobe Photoshop and created a sign! I'm TOTALLY going to get this printed - I might tweak it a bit... but oh my gosh, I love it!

    I put a link to my blog where i posted a pic of it.


  32. Thank you for your contribution to last week's linky party. I love these; Thank you.

    A new party, at will be up shortly.

    Come feature your new tutorials. We love to see what you've created and be inspired again!

    Till soon,
    Have a craftful, happy day, Rose

  33. So i was trying to make one of these and was doing some searching and found your site so I am trying to print them out but the only printing sites i can find only don't do square picture printing. I see you printed yours off at cosco.. how did you do that??? my picture is saved to my computer

  34. Love this idea with the date established. I recently took pictures in our area to make name gifts for family members for Christmas and Weddings. My other family members and guests at the shower all offered to pay me to make them one as well! You can check mine out at

  35. What is the website for Leo Reynold? I googled it and find quite a few websites?

    Let me know.


  36. Hello,
    I have the links in the post above but they can be hard to spot. Here is the link for the numbers
    and her is the link for the letters

    Hope this helps.

  37. Love this! Great tutorial. I hope to go photograph some letters and numbers in my area and make one of these. it definitely make a wonderful gift. Love your ideas and your blog! I am nominating it for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can get the details on my blog:

  38. I LOVE THIS! I would love it is you linked up to the Glitter link party!

  39. What size is the WHITE picture? How did you create that one using Publisher? Do you customize the paper size in publisher? Just curious! I LOVE THESE!


  40. Love Love Love, thank you so much! I have been buying these as shower gifts from etsy for over a year, now I can make my own! Thank you! Love your blog!

  41. I've put together a round up of great wall art ieas on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here

    If you would like a Craft Gossip badge showing you've been featured, you can grab one here :)

  42. This is great! I am also so glad to see that Leo Reynolds collection is free to be used, I'm always worried about that when using photos from other people. This is a wonderful project and I can't wait to make one of these! ~Lori

  43. Stephanie, I just want to let you know that I linked to your site and this fun project on my blog tonight. My post is at and I hope you enjoy it. I also used some photos from your site, but gave you credit for the project and the photos. Thank you so much for your fun blog projects!! ~Lori

  44. I LOVE this project!! with so many weddings this summer it will be great!! just curious if anybody knows what would be a good program to use since i have a Mac...and it doesn't have Publisher on it at all. Thanks!!

  45. What a wonderful idea for a house warming present!! Thank you!

  46. I <3'ed this. I made 1 today for my daughter. It says "Zonyah EST 2009"
    It looks awesome! Thank you so much for this!

  47. I love this! I just finished mine today
    but I used Picasa to set it all up and just created a collage and then was able to order it straight from there.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  48. Wonderful idea, thanks so much!

  49. Just found this on Pinterest. It's great! Thanks for the tutorial. I think I'm going to make some for my coworkers' classrooms. :)

  50. Stumbled across a link to this on Pinterest. I just finished making one for me and my husband. This is so awesome... thank you so much!!!

  51. I just saw this on Pinterest, best idea ever! I've wanted one of these, but didn't want to pay for it! Thank you so much for shing!

  52. Love this!!! So inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

    Chrissy @ ForMamas

  53. I found this off of Pinterest, and I love it! You have the best tutorial on doing this, however I was wondering how you got Costco to print this as a square, what print size did you order, and then cut it down? I cannot find anything but the standard, 8x10, 11x14. Thank you!

  54. Kelli, I think if you look in the scrapbook size prints they offer that will have the 12x12 print.

  55. at April, thank you! thank you! I am working on these all night.

  56. I'll definitely be making lots of gifts out of these. One question - I followed your Publisher directions but how do you get the photos to fit perfectly into the grids? My Publisher grids are squarish and the actual photos are more rectangular. When I enlarge them to fit the width, they become too long for each separate Publisher grid. I was hoping to get them into an 8 X 10 size. Do you crop? Thanks.

  57. These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, one question though, on publisher, how do you go from two grids to four, like your K I, est 2006?

  58. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

    In order to get the photos to fit into the rectangle shapes boxes I either reshape the square or crop it. I try to pick letters that will not look funny when they are manipulated from a square to a rectangle.

    To make the KI image, I used a grid of 4 across and 4 down. I simply made the K and the I to be the size of 2 squares across and 2 squares down (so 4 squares in total). I hope that makes sense :)

    Hope this helps.

  59. I love this art!
    I was hoping you could answer a question about it though. I tried making my own {following your tutorial} and ran into some trouble when trying to save it as a jpeg.
    That isn't an option when I click on "save as." Am I missing a step, or something?
    I tried saving it as a pdf, then opened the pdf and saved it as a jpeg- but was unable to print it when I took it to Costco. I wouldn't recogize it as a photo.

    Would appreciate any help you could offer! Thanks so much!

  60. Wish I knew about your site before I bought a crappy hal jaffe name art!

  61. Stephanie! I'm so glad I found you on pinterest! I am definitely making these for Christmas. One question though. I was going to do custom framing for each name but I don't know how or where to send these to print so that I get the correct size. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  62. Hi Edye,

    The way I have printed custom sizes at Costco or any other place is to create my design on a larger size page (with white space where my image isn't) which is an exact size they print. So lets say my image is going to be 4x8, I create it on an 8x10 page and then print it as an 8x10. I leave the rest of the page white and then just cut it off before framing. This saves having to find a place that prints custom sizes and also saves money.

    Hopes this helps.

  63. I did it and it was so easy. Thanks ladies. Didn't have a problem with publisher accepting the drop-in feature from the web. My husband likes that it only cost the price of printing and the frame :)

    Thanks again,

  64. I love this idea. Unfortunately, my last name is 10 letters and I'm having a heck of a time getting the layout to work without having a bunch of extra space. I'm thinking of doing it in just two rows instead of a square and adding our wedding vows in the extra spot.

  65. Thanks for posting this!! :)
    I followed your tut and wrote about it on my blog! I love how mine turned out.
    I gave you a couple shout outs in the post and referred people back to your tutorial
    Thanks for posting this. Also, a big thank you for a clear tut!

  66. Hi Stephanie,

    I recently found your blog through pinterest, and I am in love!! You have some of the cutest ideas!! When I saw the name wall art, I decided to try making some for family Christmas gifts this year. I hope that you don't mind my asking a few questions?

    Since I have a mac computer, I took another reader's advice and created the collages on picasa, which worked well. I am having trouble, however, when it comes to printing. I bought the same square frames you used from ikea for short names and est. date, as well as a couple long frames for longer last names without est. dates. I planned to have them printed through Costco, but I don't know how to get white space around the collage so that I can print out a larger sheet without blowing up the collage. Costco (and other places I'm sure) will only print in standard sizes, which is fine if I could figure out how to create a file that would print out a (for example) 16x20" sheet with a 6.75x17" collage on it.
    I just saw that someone else had this issue (Edye) and you responded - could you explain how to do it? I have been trying to figure this out for a while and have put enough time into it by now that I really don't want to give up! Plus, I really LOVE the idea and know that our families will too.

    If you could help, I would appreciate any advice you can give me so much. Again, I love your blog! You have an amazing gift!

    Thank you,


  67. I found you through Gardners 2 Bergers, and used the letter art to create a collage in a collage frame. You can see what I did here

    thanks for the inspiration!

  68. What are the directions for the MAC? Really want to do this, but can't figure it out...

  69. So, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ... i've always wanted one. :) Thank you for the great tutorial!!! But I'm having issues when I try to print it at Costco. I've created it in Publisher and made the document size 15x7. When I go to print it at Costco I choose the 18x12 option, it still wants to crop my photo so much that the letters are getting cut off. Any advice?!?!?
    Thanks again!

  70. I'm having the same problem as Nikki above. When I got to print out the document 15x7 and choose the 18x12 it's cutting off letters!!!!

  71. Sure would like some help like the previous two. I have been working on it all day. The costco print size says my size is too small and won't print appropriately. As for how to save as a jpeg, I search for the answer on the internet and finally found this answer....Make it in word and save. Them open paint(accessories) if you are on a PC and it will let you save as a jpeg. I still could not print at costco at least on their web site. Would really appreciate more help.

  72. Hello,

    I know the sizes I explain are confusing and I have such a hard time explaining them but I just can't seem to make it easier. I really do confuse myself when I try to explain it :) But I will try again. What I would do first is buy the frame you like and work from there. If you find a frame that requires a 12x12 photo like the one I used from Ikea ( , it states the image size as - Mat inside meas. W: 11 ½ ", Mat inside meas. H: 11 ½ you know the actual photo image must be smaller than this. Here is the problem. If you design it as a 11.5 square, Costco develops a 12inch square. They will take you 11.5inches as stretch it to be 12 inches...thus not fitting into your frame anymore. This is the same with odd rectangle sizes. So for the 15x7, Costco only develops they would have stretched my 15x7 to fit into an 18x12 and it would no longer fit my frame. So what I do, I make the white background of my file the larger developing size so that I know it will not be stretched when it is developed and then make the photos that sit on that background to be the correct size for the frame. If you look at the Baby announcement art you can see all the white space around the image This white is hidden by the mat or I crop it off.

    If you have any other questions, please send me an email or comment with your address attached and I can respond to you directly.

    Good luck everyone!

  73. I've printed at Costco- but I make
    my image 12x18 on publisher and then print it as that size. If you want more white- choose a larger margin.

  74. Love your blog and this site but I feel I have to warn others this holiday season. If you want to make these for gifts and are not gifted in the use of the above mentioned programs. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! Guaranteed misery.
    I have reasonable experience with photo editing software but I have spent hours and hours trying to get Leo's photos properly placed in a grid that can be successfully printed using Picasa and Picnik. And buying Publisher is not in the cards.
    Sorry about the negativity! Congrats to the savants who have been successful. Very jealous here!

  75. Hi! Working on one now for daughter for Christmas and want to find that cute symbol (circle?) that you used on yours (KI one) and the "Ross" one that is the metallic looking photo after the "EST" part? I have looked and looked and can't find it! Please help asap if you read this and thanks for the inspiration!

  76. I love this! I'm trying to make this with our last name (Johnston) but can't seem to get the pics small enough to print at Costco. Looks like my name is too large. How did you do it with the baby name?

  77. LOVE this project! In my version of Publisher (2010), there is no drop down box under the Arrange tab and unless I have already inserted photos onto the document, none of the actions in the Arrange tab are even available to use. Any idea as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

  78. Just like Denise Rose, I am looking for that cute symbol (circle) that you used on yours, right after the EST. I have looked as well, and can't find it in the punctuation set. Can you help me? I am making three of these for my married children. Excited! Love your project!

  79. Thank you for the great idea and helpful tips! I made a name collage for our family tonight, I mentioned the project on our adoption blog @ I hope that's ok!

    FYI--I did my collage in Picnik--I used one of the premium templates and it worked great!

  80. Hi there....I love this idea. Do you have info as to how to do this process on a MAC?
    You can email me directly at:


  81. Hi! This is really great! I've tried doing this before but couldn't find a frame that had 7 openings. I was focusing on the layout being horizontal and never thought about doing it the way you show. This just might help me make it now. One question that I have is it possible to do this with my own photos? I've taken many pics of letters with the intention of spelling my daughter's last name and would like to make it very personal by using my own photos. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

  82. I left you the above message and if you would like to email me with a response to

  83. Thanks so much for sharing the source for these letters!
    Your projects are really cute.....

    Have a great day!

  84. Those are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your own research with us.

  85. Hey! Tjhis project is so awesome. Can you tell me how you did the border? Sorry, but I've just started to use publisher!!!!
    You can e-mail me directly to


  86. I love this project, but I know that there's a company in the States who makes this kind of thing to sell through shops. Believe they may own the "rights"... Still looks amazing though!

  87. I had wanted to make a family name frame for my son and his new wife for Christmas. So I wandered all over there San Diego community looking for letters within the architecture, to no avail. I wish I had found your post then. I am so excited now I can make one!!!

    Thank you so much!!! :D

  88. love this so much! Yours are so lovely and simple. I've only ever seen them as first names before.. love that these can hang in the living room or entry and get more exposure! Thanks for the idea.

  89. Has anyone figured out how to do this without office publisher? I guess I don't have it? I cannot think of a way to make these...they are so great and I would love a 5 letter one and a three number one.

  90. I highlighted this blog post on my blog today. Thank you. Lovely.

  91. So inspired by this post! Created one and it will be ready for pick up at Costco on Sunday. : )

  92. I tried printing these on my own printer and selected a 5x7" size and they print horizontal instead of vertical. Any tips?

  93. What sizing aspect did you use for WHITE? I'd like to do Aaron as a 5x7 but the letter/pictures look stretched.

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