How to Upgrade your Builder Grade Mirror - Frame it!

I love framed mirrors in the bathroom but I really don't like the idea of ripping out a large builder mirror to replace it with a smaller framed one. Not only is it hurting the environment, it hurts my pocket book. So at our first house we framed our builder grade mirror with some cheap MDF molding and ever since, we have been hooked on this cheap, but with a huge impact, solution.

I saw on Our Suburban Cottage, over a year ago, an amazing mirror that she created in her bathroom. Using her design, my husband was able to create this stunning addition to our master bathroom's mini-reno. I fully intend to redo everything out of this bathroom when time and money permits; but for now we had to do cosmetic changes that have made this bathroom livable for a few years.

We did two bathrooms with this type of frame. This bathroom mirror is between 2 walls so I will give these instructions. When I have some time I will show you how to do a bathroom mirror that is not butted against two walls.

Before (when we bought the house):
After (after some minor and inexpensive changes):
Materials needed:
1x4 MDF trim (to go the entire way around the mirror)
Thin trim with one side rounded (2 times the width of the mirror)
Crown molding (the width of the mirror)
Liquid nails (be sure it adheres to glass!)

Paint all the trim both back and front. You might not think of painting the back side, but take my word, you will see the reflection of the back side in the mirror.  I spray painted the trim and I loved the smooth look; I personally have issues with getting my paint smooth so this was my only option.

Measure (twice) the width of the mirror and cut 2 pieces of 1x4 trim and the rounded trim. Paint the ends that have been cut.

Attach, with liquid nails, one of the rounded trim pieces to the 1 inch side of the 1x4 piece. Be sure to keep the back side of these 2 pieces flush because they will be up against the mirror..a flat surface. Do the same with the other 1x4 and rounded trim (the second glued "trim to 1x4" will be used for the top of the mirror, that I describe below).
We then secured the one 1x4 and rounded trim to the bottom of the mirror. We used liquid nails to attach the peice to the mirror and used my son's lego as a support it until it was dry.

After determining exactly where we wanted the top of the frame to be, we measure the distance between the top and the bottom molding and then cut two 1x4 pieces for the sides. These two pieces were then glued to the mirror tight against the bottom piece.

With the second glued "trim to 1x4", we flipped it and glued the crown molding to the opposite side of the 1x4. Once set, this piece was then glued to the top of the mirror. We did put a couple triangle pieces on the back of the crown to give it additional support, but this is optional.

My husband caulked the seams to make it the frame seamless and not look like pieces of wood.

Isn't it absolutely AMAZING!?!?  I think in total it cost under $30 to do this frame. Worth every penny in my opinion.
 In total for this mini-renovation we painted the entire bathroom, framed the mirror, replaced the counter top with an in stock piece from Lowes, bought two beautiful raised sinks on clearance at Lowes, purchased 2 new lights from a cheap local store, made some roman blinds out of a scrap curtain and bought a couple new faucets.  These simple things have made a huge difference. I still hate the shower but I can live with it for a few more years :)

Here it is from a few different angles.
Oh and I almost forgot...I made a pendant lamp that hangs above our large soaker tub from a really cheap lamp shade ($10 at Walmart) and a pendant kit from Lowes. I love it too :) It has one low watt bulb it in which is great when you are soaking in the tub. Not much brighter than a few candles but enough to read by.
What do you think? I love it every day I walk into the bathroom.

Answers to the clip questions: There have been questions about the clips holding the mirror on the wall. On all of our mirrors, we have flush/flat metal hooks that holds the mirror to the wall. You can see the metal clip on the photo below, it is immediately below the light. We were able to put the molding right over the hooks without a problem. We know that when we want to remove the mirror we will have to destroy it..the builder glued it to the drywall. If you have the plastic hooks that are not flush (with the screw through them) you will not be able to do this unless you replace them.


  1. Looks fantastic! Totally worth $30 bucks. I also love the lights you switched out.

  2. I love it...looks great! We want to replace our huge builder's grade mirror with 2 individual mirrors but that's expensive. So...this may be a good option. How do you attach the wood to the mirror if there are plastic clips holding mirror to wall? I've seen several blogs with instructions for framing mirrors but none address the clips. Thanks!

    1. You could alway chissel some of the wood away to allow for the plastic clips.

    2. I read that you can replace the clips with washers that will lay flat against the mirror.

  3. so great. man, what a huge transformation with one (somewhat easy & cheap) addition! well done!

  4. That mirror is fabulous!!! I am going to do that in my bathroom!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love it, am saving this to "favorites" so that I can find it when I am ready to do something like this!

  6. I would also love to do this! But I am wondering about the clips as well!

  7. I'm wondering about the rounded trim. I haven't been able to find this. Do hAve any more info of it, perhaps a photo of before you used it?

  8. This makes a huge difference - nicely done!

  9. Oh boy, I'm showing this to my hubs when he gets home. I love it!!! I just might have to do this to my two bathroom mirrors. I've seen it done before, but I don't think I've seen the crown molding at the top. Really great job, it looks fabulous.

  10. your mirror looks great. I want to do that in my bathroom.

  11. Yes, it's worth every penny :) Lovely mirror!

  12. That looks awesome!! Well done!! Your bathroom looks great :)

  13. Great job!!! We've done the same in two of our bathrooms, such a major change for minor cost. One of the best ways to update a bathroom mirror for sure!

    Found you on Stories of A-Z!


  14. Thanks so much for sharing this... I REALLY need to do this. Found you on Bowl full of lemons ;)

  15. This is an awesome idea! I found your blog via your link up to the party on A to Z. You have inspired me to try this sometime soon in our home. Thank for the tutorial. Also I just wanted to let you know I pinned your post to my Pinterest account and it has beenn repinned by almost 40 other people! :)

  16. You have been featured at my Hookin Up with HoH #45 party!

    Grab a button and tell the world!

    Would you mind helping to spread the word about my blog to your friends and followers? I would really appreciate the support!

    Thanks so much!!

    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  17. I am in love with this! You did a great job! I am trying to convince my husband that we NEED to do this as well!

    Did you paint your counter top? It looks stunning!

    I will most definitely be following your blog now!

  18. Your mirror is beautiful! I've been thinking of doing this to my bathrooms.

    I'd love it if you linked up at DIY Thrifty Thursday @ Thrifty 101

    Hope to see your amazing ideas soon!

  19. Beautiful! You take a builder grade mirror and gave it detail! Love it!

  20. Uh-mazing Job! Just wanted you to know that I posted your project on my blog because it is so GREAT! And I am gonna stay a while on here and see what other AMAZING-NESS you have! :)

  21. LOVE this! We're getting ready to do some work in our Master Bath and I do believe I will have to add this to our To Do list!
    Found your blog on Under the Table and Dreaming.
    I'm your newest follower! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  22. I love this - I wouldn't have thought to put the large crown molding on the top of the frame, it turned out perfect! I'll be following via email.

  23. Beautiful job! You're lucky that your mirror is glued to the wall. Ours were just attached with cheap plastic clips (that had been there for 20 years before we bought the house). One of the huge mirrors fell and broke. We had the remaining one cut in half, then both halves were framed and hung very securely on the wall. Looks awesome, but cost a bit more than yours.

  24. Love this idea. I have wanted to do something like this for a while. But our mirror is open on one end - not up against the wall. Did you ever come up with directions on how to handle that problem? I'm a little stumped.

  25. My local moulding shop said never use MDF in "wet" spaces like kitchen or bathroom. You have to use real wood or else it warps apparently. Have you had trouble with the frame being MDF?

    1. REAL wood would warp -- MDF shouldn't...

  26. We did something similar with a huge mirror in our main bath. But had to deal with the clips. I used a large drill bit & chisel to carve out a shallow space for the clips to remain underneath the frame.

  27. LOVE this! Totally going to do it since the cost is low enough...and since we're kinda redoing our bedroom/bathroom! We have the plastic clips too, but I think this way will still work if we do the crown moulding part too and lower it just a tad below the clips...kinda like you did too. The crown moulding will cover it up not to show it, but still allow us to take it down if we need to. Great job! Thanks for showing us how it's done!

  28. I am just wondering what your wall color is! Looks great!

  29. Looks great! I'm wondering where you got the crown moulding? Thanks!

  30. I love the project and the outcome. I have to question the $30 budget though. I priced crown molding similar to what you have in the picture recently and it was about $25 for an 8 ft section. You add to that the 1x4s and other molding, the paint, and the liquid nails and I would guess more like $50. But hey, even for $50-60 its a dramatic improvement! well done! I think we are going to do this project but we are refinishing our cabinets to a dark shade of brown and will paint/stain the mirror frame to match.

  31. Love the entire look! I'm particularly interested in the lighting fixtures. They'd be perfect for my in progress guest bath re-do. Can you give me any details on them?

  32. I have to ask...What color did you paint your bathroom. It looks really nice and I am looking to redo mine soon. :) Thanks for this tutorial too!! I AM going to do this!!! :)

  33. I am also wondering what color is on the walls..looks fantastic!

  34. I have been wanting to frame all of my bathroom miirors as well! thank you so much, I will post pics when finished!

  35. I haven't done this yet, but hope to! In regards to the clips, my thinking is to chisel away where the clips are. Then the molding can be mounted flush on the mirror. Just an idea. Hope it will work!

  36. I love how your project turned out! I'm inspired to try it on our sad-builder mirror. Thanks!

  37. Have you posted on how to do this if your mirror does not meet up with a wall on both sides?

  38. Hello,

    Yes you can find the post on how to do frames that are not between two walls here

    I hope this helps,

  39. LOVE this! I also love the paint you chose for the walls! What color is it & where did you get it? We're needing to paint our living room & I think I've finally decided on a color, thanks to your help!!!

  40. Thanks so much for this idea! I just went out this weekend and bought up the materials to try it myself this week.

    Your blog is full of such wonderful (and budget friendly) projects, I've decided to share it with all my friends. You've been tagged for a blog award here:

    No obligation to repost. Just wanted to say thanks!

  41. Thank you! Thank you!! For the instructions. My daddy is much more "excited" to help me with this since the instructions/materials are neatly compiled. :) Please tell us about the window treatment!

  42. I love this! I am also a new follower. Found you via pinterest and LOVE your blog.


  43. hi there,

    i found you on pinterest, my husband is on his way to lowe's as i type this to buy the materials to frame our builder-grade mirror! i wanted to ask if you could tell me more info on your lighting - i really like the new lights you chose and am having a hard time finding budget-friendly lighting. do you know what brand your lights are and/or have any tips on how to find inexpensive lighting? would you mind sharing what your lighting cost so i have a ballpark comparison when shopping?

    thank you so much for your help

  44. I have thw plastic hooks, i'll ask prob just notch out the wood behind it

  45. How did you change out the lighting?

  46. What is the wall color??? Love it!

  47. This is splendid! I absolutely must transform our builder-grade blah like this!!

    Have you ever thought of adding (inexpensive, easy) "feet" to the cabinet to make it look like a piece of furniture? Could be brilliant... I've seen it done with upended finials

  48. Thanks for the idea. My master bath mirror turns a corner and the builder put a strip over the corner (the strip itself is a mirror). Anyone have an idea of how to work around this? We had planned on a frame on each wall to make it look like two mirrors. We are afraid to take off the strip and damage the mirror (which is glued to the wall).

  49. All i see is beauty, great job!

  50. My husband and I did this to our masterbathroom mirror in black! It looks amazing! My cabinents where white formica and I sanded those down and painted them black as well and put on brushed nickle hardware. Not sure how to post a pic but it looks great! Thanks for the idea!! It worked!!

    1. How long did it take to sand the cabinets? Can it be done on kitchen cabinets

  51. I would have to see a pic of the receipt to actually believe it was under $30.

  52. I've read somewhere to replace the clips with washers

  53. Fantastic. We have a similar mirror and this is a great way to update it; love the lights you have too. Found your picture on Pinterest FYI.

  54. This really looks so cool. This idea of framing your mirrors will certainly add more appeal to it. It also makes the material look more expensive. Thank you for his post. This gave me more ideas.

  55. Very nice, but not hurting the environment? You may try to pretend to be hippie, but the fact you have a double sink to waste twice the water in the same room pretty much tells me that your concern for the world is only skin deep.
    You also have six lights within a few inches of each other for ambiance. Quite a waste of electricity even if those lights are eco-friendly. That's like driving six priuses to the mall.
    Lastly, yes, it does look awesome. It's a very nice DIY and I'm saving the images for later improvement. But please don't pretend with the size of your bathrooms and house that you are just oh so gosh darn concerned about your carbon footprint.

    1. Please give us a break! She's making an effort and I think its lovely. Being affordable makes it that much more desirable.

    2. Someone takes the time to take pictures, post something so awesome and you post something so critical about her and yet you are going to save it for later improvement, WOW! I think it is beautiful, and as for her carbon footprint, I don't think that was what this was about in the first place, but I think people can live in a nice home, and still live green, I do, and we save money, we recycle, it doesn't make you a bad person because you have a large bathroom.

    3. REALLY, Give me a break!!!

    4. Jehovah, hmmm, maybe you think you are that entity!! small mind, I might add.

  56. What about taking everything down if you live in an apartment? Is it difficult and would it ruin anything?

  57. Love this mirror!!! My carpenter is making it today for our new remodeled bathroom. Funny thing is that it will match the detailing on the vanity. Doesn't get any better than that. I'm glad that I found this web site cause I was just going to have a plain framed mirror. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Looks great! Thanks for the instructions and the great pictures. i can't wait to try this in my son's bathroom.

  59. This is my weekend project. We chipped a piece off of the edge of our mirror when we removed it when we were painting. Don't want to replace the mirror, so this will fix the problem and update the look of the bathroom. Perfect solution.

  60. I wld like an oak finish! Will I be able to use wood trim or wld it be to heavy ?

  61. Vanity shelf is looking so beautiful. I also love the lights you switched out.

  62. This is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    And're an idiot! Two sinks don't have anything to do with using twice as much water...water usage depends on the how many people use the sinks, the same amount would be used whether there was one sink or ten! And she didn't say anything about being concerned with her carbon footprint, she just simply implied she didn't want to add to the landfills by replacing the mirror when she could keep it. Every little bit matters and I'm sure the environment would thank her even for that small gesture. Too bad you don't try to make this world a better place by caring about people as much as the environment! Your arrogance is as much a poison as any greenhouse gas being produced...I think your choice of name alone just killed 3 puppies. Geeze.

  63. Just found this on Pinterest. Beautiful and genius: thank you! x

  64. I am going shopping to get this project startef today! Sis Lowes cut the wood for you?

  65. I live in an apartment and need to be able to change things back when we move out, do you think this could be assembled first then possibly temporarily attached to the mirror somehow? I had the basic plain mirrors! thanks!

  66. I have done this before - here's a tip for the viewers. You CAN do this if you have the clear plastic supports already in place to support your mirror.

    THE TRICK: From the backside, carefully drill into the frame/trim, making sure not to go all the way through and notch out a small area where the plastic clips will make contact with the trim. This will allow you to install a treatment like this without disturbing the mirror.

    BTW - Great choices of trim detail!

  67. This is a great idea. We did it in our vacation home, but had a problem finding an adhesive that would work. After trying several different ones, we finally used Lok Tite super glue. Worked perfectly. Just be sure to place correctly. This adheres almost immediately.

  68. Any idea for this problem, we have one mirror that runs along the wall, and then there is a mirror that is on the wall creating a 90 degree angle that is quite smaller... I want to do something like this but not make it seemed clutter, if that makes sense.

  69. Looks very nice. Is that a hanging lamp over the hot tub? If so, that is against code and very dangerous. Please remove immediately before you injure or kill someone.

  70. running after marvelous wordpress blog

  71. Please remove the picture of your pendant lamp that hangs above the large soaker tub. Or at the very least, put a disclaimer that it does not follow the National Electric Code.

    If you don’t care about your own family, please think about someone following your advice on a DIY project.

    When you go to your local home improvement store, you will see fixtures that are rated to be mounted above a tub or shower.

    The reason for the code is that many people have died from this. You may have gotten shocked plugging in a lamp, but that is minor since the current is traveling across your finger. If you get shocked when standing in water, the current travels across your heart.

  72. I agree, that pendant lamp is extremely dangerous.

    -Bronx Shower Doors

  73. Hello! What's your point of view on what does your average reader look like?

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  75. Love it! I'm doing this next weekend!

    Thanks : )

  76. Thanks for the idea. Had to move my mirror away from the side next to the medicine cabinet. The crown molding would have kept the door from opening. It was fairly easy. Lost 6 inches from the top, so tall people have to duck to look in the mirror. We are short, so it works for us. Thanks a bunch!!!

  77. Great Idea, Looks great.I really inspired on what you have done on your bathroom.Impressive!

  78. Thanks, had this idea for sometime, but didn't have good plans, we will be doing this soon.

  79. What a great idea!

    We pinned this to the Bathroom Ideas and Inspirations board on Home Depot's Pinterest page.

  80. GREAT IDEA! I have always HATED the builder-grade mirror so this will resolve that issue! and I have a newly retired husband with a wood shop who needs something to do to stay out of my hair....

  81. A simple change or improvement can go a long way, like the one shown in this post. You can tell that the intricate details add beauty and appeal to the bathroom. One will surely enjoy spending time or using this area.

  82. WOW! I think it's beautiful and very creative.. I think I'll have to do one. Thanks for shareing..

  83. Thank you so much for this story!! I wanted to do something like this but couldn't figure out how to mount to the glass. You are so kind to share your idea with us!!

  84. We just did this to our bathroom based on this post. It definitely did NOT cost anywhere near $30. I'd say it was more like $70, unfortunately.

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