Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shadowbox Baby Announcement

I bought a few of these double shadow boxes years ago for an extremely discounted price. They had some large scratches on the top of the frames but I thought they could easily be 'fixed' with paint or even better a Sharpie.

I really had no plan for them when I purchased them so they have sat in storage for until now. I stumbled upon a box of special items from when our children were born (you know the items..the baby hat, the bracelet, newspaper from the day they were born, etc.) and I thought these frames would work great to display some of the baby items.

I started by repairing the frame with my favorite technique, a Sharpie. I use a sharpie permanent market in a similar color to the wood and start to fill in the scratch. I then quickly wipe off excess marker off the part of the frame that is not damaged. Try not to get too much on the wood as the Sharpie leaves the non-damaged wood a little shinier once it is dry.
I then decided on what baby items I was going to frame. I selected the baby hat, ID bracelets (both mine and hers) and the little diaper. My daughter had such a huge head when she was born; you can see her hat is bigger than the diaper :) .
 I used pearl end pins to secure the items to the cloth covered side of the shadow box. I did stuff the hat a little with tissue to give it some depth.
 I then decided I wanted to add her name and birth information to the frame. Initially I was going to add black vinyl onto the mat above and below the photo but I thought that would be too much of a contrast. So I decided to use white contact paper from the Dollar Store (If you have never done this before, here is where I did it for the first time) and place it on top of the glass.

I cut her name, birth date and weight with my Cricut out of the contact paper. I do not have the transfer paper (more like I am too cheap to buy it) so I use painters tape to easily transfer the words to the frame. This allows me to keep all the letters perfectly straight and evenly spaced.

I lay the painters tape along the bottom of the letters making sure it is straight. If the tape is on an angle, you will have a tough time getting it straight wherever you are sticking it.
 Remove the entire piece of contact paper from the cricut cutting board and bend the contact paper back so you can start removing the tape. As you slowly remove the tape, make sure the letters come up with it. Here is how it looked for me.
 I then stuck the tape to the glass (or wherever you want to place the vinyl) and then press the letters down. Slowly remove the tape on a sharp angle. Be sure the letters stick as you remove the tape. I find an old credit card or rewards card works well to help with this.
 Here is how it looked:
 I then did the same with her birth date and weight.
 Here is the end result (I have blurred out details).
Doesn't it look great! I wish I had finished it years ago.

Have a fantastic day.
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  1. That is very cute!

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