Sunday, January 23, 2011

Make your own Tooth Fairy Pillow

The Tooth Fairy has had a busy month in our house. My daughter who is absolutely terrified of needles- I mean bolt out of the doctor's office terrified- managed to pull out her two front teeth that weren't even that loose. How can you be terrified of needles but continue to pull out a tooth that is bleeding so badly? A mystery to me!

I decided when her first tooth was loose, that I would sew her a tooth fairy pillow. We had to make it easy for the tooth fairy to get to the tooth in the middle of the night without waking her!

I used some left over fleece I had from my custom blankets. I love fleece because if doesn't fray so I could just sew it together without having to worry about sewing inside out first.

I made a really basic tooth shape by folding a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper in  half. I then cut out 2 of the exact same shape in the fleece.
Using scrap fabric, I cut a small pocket and pocket flap and sewed them onto the back side of the pillow.I used a decorative stitch to attach the pocket on.
I then sewed the two pieces of the tooth pillow together using the same stitch I used for the pocket. I sewed this with the wrong sides of the fabric together and sewed just a 1/4 inch from the edge. Like I said, fleece doesn't fray so there is no need to sew it inside out and flip it.  I left a small opening to allow me to stuff the pillow with pillow batting. I then just sewed over the opening.
I was going to leave it like this, with one side with the pillow and the other plain, but my daughter wanted a face on the pillow. So using fabric paint, we drew on some eyes and a mouth.

 Grand total $0 and probably 10 minutes of work.

Cute and the Tooth Fairy loves it!!!


  1. You have so many great ideas. thank you!! I am passing along the Stylish Blogger Award. Stop by and pick it up.

  2. This is so cute, thanks for sharing

  3. I'd love for you to link up to Inspire Me Mondays @ Singing Three Little Birds!

  4. Oh how cute! How thoughtful to make things easier for the tooth fairy. Heehee.

  5. Love that happy tooth! My daughter has her first wiggler and I'm getting excited about making her a special pillow now!

  6. that is absolutely adorable!! I never had one growing up :(

  7. This is just the kind of thing you hope your kids will keep and use with their own children when they grow up. So cute.

  8. Wow. what a Creativity man. I'm literally drooling over this cute post.I will be back soon. Keep sharing such creative and adorable posts with us.
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