Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am licking everying in my house - on my $0 budget

I know that title is a little odd but let me explain. My husband came home last night and saw a few of the crafts we were working on and the first thing he said was "Are you licking everything?" I was confused until he reminded me of the Volkswagen commercial, where the man licks the car to claim it as his own. Well, I was labeling things in the house with our initials, and he was pointing out I was doing the same thing.

Since I borrowed my Mom's Cricut, I decided I would monogram things :) . I am hoping and dreaming that one day I can have one of my own. Insert a picture here of me staring off longingly, dreaming of a Cricut or Silhouette :)

I put our initials on picture frames, candles but the best thing I 'licked' was our mailbox. When we moved in, the mailbox was a rusty bass box. I would love a beautiful mailbox but do not want to spend the money on it  because here in Canada (or at least where I live) we have large mailboxes on each street where 20 or 30 homes collect their mail from. So our mailbox is only used for junk mail and occasionally the newspaper (the odd time when the delivery person actually comes up our steps and put it in the mailbox rather than throwing it at the house and leaving a big messy pile of paper).

I took the mailbox down, lightly sanded off the flaking rust spots and spray painted it black.  If you look closely you can see where the rust spots were, but I really don't care so much. This is a million times better!
 I cut our initials out on the Cricut (you could buy stickers at the Dollar store or Michaels to do this too) and after much debate (mostly my husband complaining that I was going to put my initial first...the 's' does look better before the 'k') I gave in and put the initials this way. I guess I will see how often he reads my blog by how long it takes him to comment on this :) Hi honey!
 I then hung the mailbox back up and here is how it looks.
 I really do like it. Grand total was $0, thanks to my Mom lending me her Cricut and me having the spray paint on hand.

Remember April 1st is the $0 Budget link party. Please remember to stop by and share you ideas.  Thanks for the support the past 17 days with my challenge.


  1. My hubby says the same thing. I have our name all over the house. :) I never thought to do it on the mail box though. Super clever. Did you cut it out in vinyl? Michaels at times has the Cricut on sale at $100. But it is just the basic one. That's the one I have.

  2. Your blog is so adorable! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your crafts. I just linked to your blog on my blog because I'm loving your blog. (my blog is a style/craft blog)

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