Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Lavender Bath Salt - Easy Gifts on a Budget

So I am officially into my Christmas countdown! I realize most of you are getting ready for Thanksgiving, but I have been working on reaching my goal of an 80% homemade Christmas for some time.

I apologize for the minimal posts lately, but I have been trying to get most of my gifts finished before I start posting.

I have decided for all the women I give gifts for, I was going to create a spa themed basket. I plan to make the following for each person:
  • Lavender bath salt ($2)
  • Lavender sugar scrub ($2.50)
  • Spa towel ($7)
  • Lavender scented Catalytic Lamp oil (you know like Lampe Berget oil) ($2.50)
  • Lavender linen water ($1.50)
  • Lavender reed diffuser (Not done yet do I don't have an approximate cost)

I have made almost all of these items and provided the approximate costs to create them. Obviously you can make them for less or more depending on the products you buy. If you reuse jars you have on hand, you will save $1 on all the costs. It adds up!

I plan to purchase a few accessories (i.e. cozy socks, sponges, etc) to add to all the baskets.

I will start by sharing the easiest gift to make, Lavender Bath Salts. This smells amazing! I have always used Epson Salts for my bath but never thought that it was this easy to make them scented. I will never buy full price bath salts again!


  • 1 1/8 cup Epson Salt
  • 24 drops of Lavender Essential Oils (you can use any essential oil scent you like)
  • Dried lavender liberated from your mother's garden (Shhh don't tell her)
  • Container that seals tight

This is the essential oil that I used and loved!


Start by adding 1 1/8 cup of Epson salt to a bowl. If you are wondering why my salt looks like more than 1 1/8 cup, it is because I quadrupled the recipe.
Add 24 drops of essential oil to the Epson Salt
Stir, stir, stir. Once the oil was mixed into the Epson Salt, I added a handful of dried lavender flowers. You don't have to do this, I just thought it was a nice touch.
Transfer the scented salt to your container. I thought it was funny that for the first container I actually used a funnel. You can easily just spoon it into the container without having to use a funnel.
 Seal the containers and decorate them as you like.
I used a strip of brown paper, raffia and a few lavender sprigs to dress my containers up.
Using double sided tape, I stuck the brown paper to the container.
Wrapped some raffia around it. It would also look nice with some Christmas ribbon or twine.
 I added a tag identifying what was in the jar and a little extra lavender and I was finished.
I figure this probably cost $2 total to make. I think the most expensive item for this was the container which I got at the Dollar Store for $1. The huge jug of Epson salt was $7 at Costco and the large bottle Lavender oil was $20 but I have used next to nothing from either of them so I think I used probably $0.50 of these materials.

I will share the Lavender Sugar Scrub very soon.
Remember, you can use any scent you like. I have done this with orange (my favorite scent) and also have a great recipe for all those athletes out there. I will share the runner's scrub and soak soon.

Wouldn't this make an amazing gift for everyone attending a wedding? The hall would smell great and you have a reasonably priced but beautiful gift for everyone. You could easily make hundreds of these in an afternoon!

What do you think? Anyone else working towards making almost all their Christmas gifts this year?



  1. Awesome ideas! I love it. I too am working towards doing mostly handmade/homemade Christmas gifts this year. Thank you for the great ideas!

  2. LOVE this idea, I just may be making some myself now :) I can't wait to see your other "recipes"!
    Smart n Snazzy

  3. Love this idea! I usually make most or all of my own christmas gifts that I give to family and sometimes even to friends too!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  4. I truly appreciate this recipe. It's great!


  5. i'm not being nasty, i'm just curious about the lavender pieces floating around in the tub. i know someone would eventually ask about them going down the drain or about it clinging to their skin? please comment, i'm intersted, really.

    1. Thanks for asking:) I would have thought the same thing but I have purchased Bath salts and scrubs from a local spa before that had lavender flowers in them and they were wonderful. I have never found the pieces to cling to my skin because there really aren't that many in the jar. As for going down the drain, I think that is fine. Can't be worse then what goes down the toilet or kitchen sink:) You could always omit this from your recipe and simply lay a few sprigs on the top of the jar for presentation. It really is just for show.

  6. This is awesome idea,, I'm so on it...thank you voodoo much!

  7. Sounds so easy - I want to try it! And I just found your blog on HomeTalk; I love how you make things without spending a lot of money and reuse items. I have been reading back over your posts and I can't wait to see what else you do. I am now following you!

    1. Hi Cecilia! Thank you for the very nice have made my morning. This really is as easy as it sounds. I was skeptical that it would turn out as well as it did. I started off only making it for the women in my family because even if something doesn't turn out amazingly well, they still appreciate it. But I am not making it for teachers, coworkers, parents of my kids friends, neighbors, etc. It really is a very frugal gift. I have started to save glass jars to reuse for these because I don't like how the jar is 50% of the cost. If I spray paint the lid of old glass jars or mason jars, then these will only coat $1 per gift! I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog!

  8. I was wondering if the 24 drops of lavendar oil was for the 1-1/8c recipe or for your larger batch?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Kim,
      Thanks for the question. I did use 24 drops for my 1-1/8cup recipe and used almost 100 drops for the large batch! You could always start with 10 and see if you like the scent and then add a few more drops at a time until you reach your desired strength. Mine is pretty strong but not overpowering. If you uses something like eucalyptus you will need to use far less.
      Hope this helps,

  9. for my home jar, I can refill w epsom salts and fragrance/oil stays in the bottle.I really do not have to reoil a new batch.

  10. I am new to this and so excited, I purchased my natural sea salt and epsom salt and I will combine, but where do u find lavender oil, etc in a large jar? all the ones I seem to find are just the small ones. Oh and one recipe calls for food coloring? do you do this too? Please help. Thanks,

    1. Hi Laurie,

      I purchased all the containers at the Dollar Store and the lavender through an online store. I am sure you can get essential oils at Michaels, health food stores, and someone said Walmart has them.

      I did not add food coloring as I didn't want the unnecessary extras. I was happy with the color when it was finished. I have heard people doing this so I am sure it is fine, but I know how food coloring stains my skin when I make so why add it to a scrub or a soak. Up to you though :)
      Good luck and if you have any other questions, please let me know.

  11. Love love, love love love did I mention I love you blog! Thanks for the ideas

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  20. My wife would love to make something like this. She's gotten into this crafty mood for a few years now. I don't know what kind of projects she's looking to do. I love her so much and I want her to be happy. y.

  21. Least demanding thing ever!Modest to make,as well!I made and gave away a few jars of bath salts thanks to your post!(furthermore, I've washed up myself.) :)Great approach to make luxury without a high price tag. :)

    Jessica Glenn.

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