Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Nobody puts Baby in the Corner"...Put those cheap Ikea Reeds instead!

Hey everyone. Can you guess what I watched this morning?!? We are stuck indoors after a wonderfully horrible snow storm so I thought I would share an easy decor idea that I absolutely LOVE! 

I had many decorating dilemmas when I moved into our new home. One that especially nagged at me was our dining room. It is a large open concept space that needed something. I didn't know what, but I just knew it did. Have you ever had that? 

I tried moving furniture, adding more pictures, potted plants (small and big), buying and returning so many things that did not work.

I will admit that my husband came up with this solution and I love it! I have to say this since he reads my blog and bugs me when I say I did something that he actually did :) .

We purchased the tall reeds from Ikea for $20 and the planter pot (aluminum) from Costco for (I think) $20 as well. You can do this with a glass vase as well, but I wanted the base to be more substantial. Plus as you know, all our lighting, door handles and vents (after painting them) are all oil rubbed bronze so this base matched perfectly.

We placed the reeds into the bottom of the pot and held them straight up. If you want the reeds to be spread out more, don't keep them tight together on the bottom like I did. We then tightly filled the base with crushed paper. We used paper because we did not want to make the pot too heavy so that we would not be able to move it. If you pack the paper in tight enough, it hold the reeds up great. We them put a little batting on the top to make it fluffy and covered that with moss. Like my kids say "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy"

The end result gave me the height the room needed, filled an awkward corner and did not cost too much.
 I have to say it again, I love it!

Thank of the many reasons why I keep you around.


  1. Ha! love the title. and love using reeds/sticks to fill negative space!


  2. I love your blog! {I think this may be my first comment!} Love the reeds!! Looks wonderful. :)

  3. Good idea - And my hubby can be pretty helpful too - It's nice when it's a "group effort"!!

  4. Looks great! Love what you did to the bathroom as well:)

  5. Love that movie too-soo funny and you're right-no one puts baby in a corner!!Reeds look great!

  6. Great idea! I was planning on getting a big tree for our family room but I ended up not having enough room for it. This would be a great substitute. Thanks for the idea!

  7. That's a great house needs some height!


  8. Fun! Saw these at Ikea, and knew I would need some. Now I know how to do it!!

    Love the way you filled the pot!


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