Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When life leaves you an ugly plant...create a beautiful arrangement

This needs to be filed under the "Please tell me what he was thinking" category.
We have had this long skinny plant in our formal living room that I was hoping would die for years. I really hated the plant but my husband loves plants and cannot part with any of them. This plant got so ugly that I decided it was time to get rid it of. I broke the news to my husband and he really did seem to be fine with it. At least that is what I thought....UNTIL I came home and found this on my kitchen counter.

Isn't it beautiful! Don't you love how the long branches stick gracefully out of the extra large mayonnaise tub! So by "lets get rid of the hideous plant" my husband heard "lets cut off the tops of the amazing plant and try to root it in a wonderfully convenient mayonnaise tub!"

I was stumped with what to do with the plant shoots.  Then I had an 'ahaa' moment. You know that moment you think of the best idea and wonder why you have never thought of it before. Well, my 'ahaa' produced this.
Now isn't that pretty!?! This solved so many problems.  Firstly, I have had all these items laying around my house with no home because they just never looked right. Secondly, I have a really awkward pie shaped ledge behind my kitchen sink that is big and I can never find items that look good there. And lastly (and most importantly), I found a home to my husbands green thumb experiment.

Do you remember a few month ago when out in the blog world someone came up with the ingenious idea of gluing a Dollar Tree hurricane vase to a glass candle stick? I can't link to the person who created it because there are hundreds of blogs that feature it and I do not know where it originated. I had some hurricanes left over from my last trip to the US and I had a short rounded candlestick from the Canadian Dollar Store and I hot glued them together. The reason I used hot glue is that I wanted the option to take them apart in the future if I ever needed to. I tied twine around the hot glue seam to hide the glue. Perfect!
I purchased the bell jar on clearance at a local home decor store and the accessories under it are from Walmart.  The covered dish was from a local thrift store. Originally the base was light oak with hand painted peppers on it so I spray painted it with ORB and called it a day!

One last look. WOW do my windows need to be cleaned.


  1. That does look cool. I have a hard time throwing out a plant. I feel bad for them. :)
    I love, love, love your blog. Thanks.



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