Tuesday, February 1, 2011

V-alien-tine Card Heart

Last week I posted the Butterfly Heart Valentine cards that my kids are making for the girls in their classes and I promised to post what I was going to do with the boys. So here they are...the boys Valentine Cards. I got the original idea from Family Fun and changed it so it was easier to make and so that each child gets a pencil.

I used the same foam hearts and technique to insert the pencils as I did for the girls. I used shiny monster/alien eye pencils for these one and one piece of green pipecleaner.
I used a sharpie to draw the eyes, nose, mouth and sayings on the inside.  You can write "You are out of this world." or "Happy V-Alien-tine's Day" or "There is space in my heart for you".
 Cute huh!

These work out a little cheaper than the girl's version because you are only using 1heart. So approximately $3 per class.



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