Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Highlights from Full of Great Ideas 2010

Over the past year, Full of Great Ideas has grown from a baby blog to a toddler blog. So for those of you who are new to Full of Great Ideas, I thought I would do a quick summary/highlight of my 2010 baby blogger Christmas posts.  Some of these ideas are creative and others are not; either way I thought it was worth a quick post to share them with all of you.  

If you have not seen my Frugal Gift Idea page, be sure to check it out too for some great DIY gift ideas.
So here 2010 Christmas crafts:
I made this simple but adorable ornament out of an old golf ball, sharpies and a picture hook.
Using pine cones I found in the woods (be careful..spiders love pine cones), an old basket and some Christmas lights, I made this beautiful lit Christmas basket.
We made these customized personal note pads for our kids teachers using printer paper and cement glue. They were great and very simple.
Using a little floral wire and some scrapbook paper, you can make this adorable Christmas ornament for next to nothing.
This simple and inexpensive ornament tree was made using a foam cone, garland tinsel and Dollar store ornaments. Be prepared you need lots of hot glue for this one.
Buy a cheap Dollar store ornament, paint your child's hand with white paint, draw faces with some Sharpies and you have an adorable Christmas ornament that you will cherish for years to come.
Using fabric paint, I made the snowmen out of my kids foot prints and the trees out of their hand prints.

I hope this gives you some inspiration over the holiday weekend.



  1. Ohhhh fun...... bring on the Holidays!!

    I hope you have a great & blessed Thanksgiving:)

  2. Like allways, "full of great ideas" ;p)


  3. What original gifts. You are a very creative person who impresses with his skills. I especially liked the Christmas tree of the balls. I will definitely do this for home decor.


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