Monday, January 30, 2012

$0 Budget Month Guest Post: Smart n Snazzy

Hi there!  Thanks so much, Stephanie for having me guest post during her fabulous $0 Budget Month series!  I'm Lia from Smart n Snazzy, where I focus mostly on DIY, fashion, beauty, and decor, but I also post about whatever strikes my fancy.  I'm a wife and mother of two beautiful kids, and I work full time as a Data Analyst in Denver, Colorado.

I like to say that I have expensive taste but a limited budget.  Having a family to help support doesn't really allow for us to buy what we desire, so we have to make do.  I like to invest in classic pieces, and skimp on the trends.  A lot of the time, I'll make pieces inspired by high-end designer items for only a fraction of the cost.  And sometimes, I make things using what I've got on hand!  Here are a few examples.

When I laid eyes on the beautiful Kate Spade City Lights Bracelet, I knew I had to have it.  But its price tag is not anything I'd be willing to spend.  So I made it instead.  Here's my version, and here's the original post:

Inspired by this gorgeous Dannijo Studded Stingray Cuff Bracelet, I created one in a similar fashion to that of the City Lights bracelet.  Click here for the original post:

Finally, and yes I know I was on a TOTAL bracelet kick, I saw the whimsical Anthropologie Earbuds Bracelet and was completely enamored with it!  So I rounded up the supplies and made my own.  Here's the original post:

I hope you love and have been inspired to recreate some of your favorite pieces using some unconventional materials!  I always try to think outside the box and am so proud when I do!

A huge thank you once again to Stephanie for having me on Full of Great Ideas!  Please stop by Smart n Snazzy and say hi!


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