Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$0 Budget Month Guest Post: Chic Done Cheap

Hi! I'm Maizie from Chic Done Cheap. Chic Done Cheap is all about living the luxe life for less: whether you're barely getting by or just looking to save more money. My blog is a mix of DIYs, saving money ideas, interior design and fashion. Visit Chic Done Cheap, here. For chic tips on the go, follow me on Twitter: @chicdonecheap.

Here are some chic projects to get your 2012 started off right.

Never too cool for school-DIY covered pencils

Coffee Break Craft- Floppy Disc Coasters

Crayola coral

-Chic Done Cheap


  1. Cute ideas! I really need to implement some more $0 organising tips in my own house - it could definately do with some work at the moment. Great blog :)

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