Monday, January 9, 2012

$0 Budget Month Guest Post: I'm Not a Trophy Wife

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year!   Stephanie over at  Full of Great Ideas  asked for Guest Posts on Full of Great Ideas during the $0 Budget Month.  I knew this was a post I could contribute to.. if I got my post submitted early!   

My name is Laura and I'm Not a Trophy Wife.  It's a description of myself and a blog title all rolled up into one!   I think the title says it all!  I always say I am many things, but I'm Not a Trophy Wife. I describe my decorating style as Pottery Barn inspiration meets  TJ Maxx, Target meets garage sale (heavy on the last two)!

So here are a few of my favorite $0.00 budget ideas.  These ideas came from items  I already had on hand.  I didn't have to leave my home or spend money to create these project!

My first project is an up cycling idea from large green bean cans.  I have changed these up several times during the year. The first project was for organizing my son's "treasures."

This project was created with burlap, ribbon and greenery in my craft room unfinished basement.

My next project is one of my most popular posts.  Here is the original post.

I repeated the theme for Christmas by adding branches from our Christmas tree and Cuties oranges.  Here is the original post.  So easy, zero dollars and they both have an organic look.

Here's a final project that was zero dollars (sorta)! I already had the super discounted dinged frames from Michael's and I had the scrapbook paper in stock.  I made it for Valentines Day, but it has a permanent spot in our bedroom.  Here's the final framed piece of artwork. It's leaning against 2 shoe boxes wrapped in a roll of brown paper from Home Depot I bought during the summer as a boredom buster for summer.

Thanks Stephanie for the opportunity to show simple ideas for $0.00 Budget Month.


  1. I love, love, love up-cycling tin cans! :) I have kind of turned into a tin-can-hoarder. Thanks for the post, I'm going to check out her blog :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie for the opportunity to do the guest post! I really enjoyed it! laura


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